Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Day of Firsts

On Monday, we used the play gym for the first time. When I layed her down, she did look around a little bit, but she ended up falling asleep! I am sure as she gets older, she will really start to be engaged by all of the toys and lights and music, but as long as she is content, that is all that matters to me! Here she is playing! And then I got a picture of something resembling a smile :)

Later in the day we went and walked in the park with Kara and Carter. I had been noticing that some of the newborn sized clothing had been getting a little snug, so I decided to put a 0 - 3 month size little dress/onesie on Sweet Pea...and IT FIT!! I was somewhat surprised and also excited because that means she is growing! Here she is - in her very first 0 - 3 month size outfit. She looked so cute!

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