Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Our Squirmy Worm...& Others

I put Little Girl down in the pack & play like this - she was definitely asleep but already had one arm out.....

I went to check on her because I thought I heard some movement - ha! I'd say she was definitely moving around...this is what she looked like just minutes later, looking oh so innocent...she had gotten out of her swaddler (which I do really tight to keep her in and snug) and out from under the blanket...and turned sideways!!

Aunt Leslie Ann and Aunt Lauren brought us dinner and visited and got to meet the Little One! I have known Leslie Ann since Pre-K and known Lauren since we were about 18 months old...hard to believe we are old enough to be mommies now!

We were headed somewhere last week and I took this picture - I just thought she looked so adorable in it that I had to post it :)

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  1. Chloe Jo does the exact same thing. We have two swaddlers and we don't use one at all because she can get out of it in a matter of seconds. She also wiggles so much that she is never facing the same way when I get her out of her pack-n-play. Chloe Jo has that same green ice cream onesie, too!