Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Louisville Here We Come...Baby's 1st Trip!!

This past weekend we went to Louisville to help celebrate my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe they have been married TWENTY times, that's right, TWENTY times longer than we have. Wow...what an accomplishment! I look forward to the day we are celebrating big milestone anniversaries - especially the 60th!!

Sweet Pea is ready to hit the road!! She slept like a champ the whole 3 hour drive and only had to stop and eat one time!

The group at dinner Friday night

Fuzzy Zoeller (a professional golfer) was at the table over and came over to wish Ruth & Owen happy anniversary - he also signed a bottle of his "Fuzzy Vodka" and gave it to them as a gift

Dad toasting to their big accomplishment of 60 years - the whole room stood up and applauded them ... it was wonderful!

Dad & Owen admiring Baby K

Julie, Ruth, Robbin, & Ann visiting with Baby K

On Saturday, we went to Churchill Downs and watched some races and ate some delicious lunch

Ruth & Owen with the horse character

Baby K ready to soak up some sun (don't worry - she stayed in the stroller under cover the whole time)

Out by the pool just relaxing

Visiting with Aunt Ann at dinner on Saturday night

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