Friday, February 26, 2010

Look What I Just Made...

So I decided I would make a 'sticker' to put with my Heart Smiles posts. I have been meaning to get creative for some time and decided that tonight was the night (even though I am exhausted)! So, here it is...hopefully you will see this many more times as I come across things that warm my heart...or make it smile :)

On a somewhat related note, my brother had wrist fusion surgery today. All went well and he was able to go home this afternoon as opposed to staying in the hospital for one night. Thank goodness! I know he is more comfy at home...can't blame him there. That would be why I am so worn out - I got to the hospital at 7 and didn't leave til about 3:30 (plus we have my mom's and his dog here and she and Sadie both woke up at 4:30...and so did I).

This weekend I plan to upload all of my pictures from February (any guesses as to how many there will be??) and do a big update. For bed and the latest issue of Real Simple sound quite amazing!!

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