Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart Smiles

This post is going to be sort of odd - no picture! This morning, I was just sitting watching Baby K do her thing...crawl (or "inch worm" as we call it) around the floor, pick at the dog hair on the ground (ew), and play with her toys. She has also discovered that she does not have to stay in the area where she always plays - she can play with the dog's toys from her basket (ew, again) or she can go into Mommy & Daddy's room or she can go to the front door!! She doesn't have to stay on carpet - she can explore on hardwood floors! She was in the midst of making her way to Sadie's basket of toys when....

....her favorite, furry, red, little monster came on TV. That's right ... Elmo! And he was singing his song, too!... "La, la, la, la, la, la....Elmo's World...." She stopped everything. She looked at my with the sweetest grin. She looked at the TV and giggled. And then she clapped. She was so thrilled that Elmo came on the TV and was singing his song to her!

My heart smiled.

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