Monday, February 8, 2010

First Snow!!

I am a bit delayed in many of the posts that will be coming soon. One of them - Baby K's first snow experience(s). That's right - she has already played in the snow TWICE! The first time was enough to warrant pictures being taken, and the second was the most snow in the area in about 7 years - pretty impressive! And of course, I had to include a shot or two of Sadie...she absolutely loves the snow. She likes to dig in it with her nose so it ends up all over her face! Enjoy the few pictures here....

I think she was wondering what in the world all this cold, wet, white stuff was! She was so bundled up she could barely move.

One of my favorites from the beginning of the big snowfall!

Brad used Baby K's baby bathtub and converted it into a sled - he pulled her in it using Sadie's leash! I think she enjoyed it...

A family shot of us playing in the snow - actually a pretty good picture!

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