Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun Date Night

A few days before Halloween, Brad and I went to dinner at J. Alexanders and headed to Cheekwood to walk around and see the Light exhibit (by British artist Bruce Munro).  It was so nice to have a random Tuesday night out!  Oh, and we finished it off with dessert at Culver's on the way home - such a treat!

My pictures don't really do it justice - since it was obviously dark, I did the best I could with my little camera I throw in my purse!  The exhibit features different materials and fiber optic cable to create different pieces.  This is the Field of Light exhibit, which features over 20,000 lighted glass spheres on slender stems sticking out of the ground.
And here I am with that piece behind me - clearly it didn't really work because we had the flash on.  I guess you can see a few of them in the background, but not all lit up!
And a selfie - turned out pretty cute!
That particular night, we got free admission through the company where Brad works.  They were offering discounts for membership also, so we decided to join!  I can't wait to go back and see different exhibits and take advantage of some of the fun things they do for kiddos!  I remember doing art camps and all kinds of fun things there when I was growing up!  I know they always have fun things to do around the holidays, so I will have to remember to check their calendar of events!  Happy Friday!


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