Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013 (Better Late Than Never)

Well hello, there!  I know, long time no blog, right?  Whew!  Things have been wild and crazy and I am happy that they seem to be slowing down temporarily!  The kids and I all three had the stomach virus earlier this week...oh my gosh.  It was awful.  And thankfully we are on the other side of that experience...and we survived (big thanks to Grandma and Brad!).  

But!  Halloween!  I haven't forgotten!  And it was kind of fun to go back through the pictures to pick some for this post - like reliving it!  This year, Katie was Rapunzel and Jack was an elephant.  For some reason, Katie wanted him to be an elephant, so I thought we would go with it.  I also found his costume at Costco, so that helped too :)

Look at that long, golden hair!  We waited until after Halloween for a haircut :)  
 I cannot get over this picture.  Those eyes....oh, those eyes.  I let her wear a little makeup for Halloween and good gracious.  Mascara makes here eyes just POP!
 And this about sums up trying to get a picture of our little elephant!  Sheesh! 
 We did some pictures at the neighbors' house too!  Jack, in true form, wiggled down to almost laying down...
 And this is cute - at least they are both smiling!  
 Katie and Stella - love this!  This is the third year have spent Halloween together - so cute!
 And here is Jack the elephant and Hank the duck!
 And an action shot of the little elephant!
And holy moly - we actually got a picture of the moms and boys!!
The weather on actual Halloween was awful - windy, rainy, and actually a chance of tornadoes (thankfully, that didn't happen)!  The Publix in our neighborhood hosted some Halloween fun - so that's where we headed....indoors!  The first station was a cookie decorating one - Katie loved putting icing and sprinkles on and then eating it of course :) 
 And we ran into Merida, I mean Hannah Jo, there too!  These girls have been friends since they were about 18 months old!
 And they were off...Jack, Hank, Katie, and Stella!
 My wild man was so happy!  I needed to cage the elephant in a grocery cart, but I let him romp around instead!
 When we got home, everybody came to our house for some pizza and fun.  The girls had a blast playing with the vampire teeth - they could've stared at themselves in the mirror for a long time!
 Here's Katie's scary face - so intense!
 And scary Stella!
The neighborhood moved trick or treating to the day after Halloween - a Friday - and of course Brad and I had plans!  Katie got to trick or treating with Stella and had an absolute blast!  And I am so glad that she acted nicely and ate all her dinner...she saves the "fun behavior" for mom!  I guess that's what I prefer :)  Love this picture Jill took!
And enjoying some of the goods when they got back.  I think she was probably on a sugar high by this point...what a silly face!
Another successful and fun Halloween in the books!  Love that we can spend it with friends!

Stay tuned for a few posts playing catch up....and, ahem, I turn 30 this weekend.  How is that possible??! 


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