Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend Recap: Saturday's Fall Fun

I promise I am still here!  I know I've been slacking in the blogging department, but I promise to do better :)

Last Saturday was quite the fun day for all of us!  I got up and went to Tae Bo and then came home and we all got ready to head out to Pumpkinfest!  We got down there and walked around...of course Katie wanted to do everything in the kids' area!  I think Jack really likes it when he is in the wagon rather than the stroller.
 We did let Katie go down the big bouncy slide a couple of times!  Here she is waiting in line...
 And then an action shot!  I love it!
 Jack did get to some running around - he is just a ball of energy for sure!  He's always ready to move on to the next thing to see what he can get into!
 And a photo opp for both of them - so cute! 
Here is a picture I took of me and my favorite girl while we were down there.  I was sporting my "I did tae bo and did not take a shower before coming" look :)
 While we were down there, we ran into Katherine, Dallas, and Olivia and walked around with them!  We also saw Christie, Jared, and well as Ashley, Andrew, and Avery!  We always love seeing friends!  Then it was time to head home for lunch and some football watching!
 After Katie had quiet time, I took her to the Fall Festival that our neighborhood had - it was so fun!  Pony rides, bounce houses, pizza, popcorn, face painting, a balloon man, cookie decorating...and it was all free!  And we ran into Jill, Stella, and Hank too!  The girls had a blast playing together!
 Love those sweet hugs :)
 Brad had a chance for some last minute tickets to a hockey game - and there happened to be three!  So Katie got to go to her first hockey game...lucky lady!  We all had a great time - except for the fact that the Predators lost.  I love this picture!
 And this is another great one - so cute!
 And a family picture - Katie's smile and expression are hilarious here!
It was a late night but oh so fun!  Whew!  And that day definitely wore me out!


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