Sunday, November 3, 2013

Stylin' + Profilin'

I may be dressed in workout clothes from the previous day, but I take pride in making sure both kids look pretty darn cute.  I have tried to step it up a notch for myself, but as long as my kids look cute that is fine with me :)  Thankfully, Target has some really cute outfit options for little dudes (which makes it more affordable).  Though I have to say I do love Mini Boden on the little guys - so adorable!  On the opposite end of the spectrum, Katie looks so old that she is in the little girl section and I just cannot handle all the fake glitter and heat press shenanigans and all that.  I do love Matilda Jane for her (among other brands like Flit + Flitter and Mustard Pie), which gets kinda pricey.  Thankfully, all the Matilda Jane items coordinate, so you can make multiple outfits with all the pieces!  And I mix in some Old Navy and OshKosh and things like that too!

When Jack wore this outfit to school, he really looked like a little man - I couldn't get over it!  
And here is one more - of course an action shot.  What else is there with this one??
And I just love these pieces together - all the colors and patterns match so nicely!  And they are all good colors with Katie's blue eyes and blonde hair :)
I'm so glad at least one of my children has perfected the quick-smile-so-she-can-be-finished-with-pictures pose :)  Some days she will even ask me to take her picture!  I consider that a success - ha!
No, we don't dress up everyday - my kids were actually in their jammies all day Friday and Saturday which was kind of nice!  And they wear play clothes.  And athletic looking clothes (especially on gymnastics days for Miss Priss).  

Hope you're having a fantastic weekend!  I'm off to relax and watch some of the Titans game while Jack takes a nap!


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  1. They sure are cute!!!
    Shopping in the girls section is ridiculous. I hated switching Lexie over. A lot of the stuff is just inappropriate! I've had good luck at Kohl's and TJ Maxx!