Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bump Watch: 16 Weeks

How far along: 16 weeks!
Size of baby: About the size of a turnip - 5 inches and 5 ounces!
Total weight gained: As of my last appointment (Jan. 2), the total amount was about 8 pounds I think.  I have started using my calorie counting app (not to worry - I have it set to either maintain or gain .5 lb per week) - I just need to pay attention to what I'm eating! :)
Maternity clothes: Yep!  And the yuck part?  Well, it is good and bad.  The good is that I lost weight and am smaller.  The bad?  All of my maternity clothes are too big!  So I am having to buy ones that fit!
Gender: Not sure! I find out February 6!  My guess is girl - guess we shall see!
Movement: Nothing predictable.  I feel some flutters...mostly at night...I think I felt my first flutter on Christmas Day!  I can't wait until this little one makes his or her presence known! 
What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach!  And of course having a drink :)
Sleep: It is pretty decent.  I do get up to go to the bathroom once in the night.  I got a pregnancy pillow last weekend and it is amazing!  I can tell I have definitely slept better since I got it!
Cravings: Nothing major these days.  I do love some sweets.  But the main thing is that I am just hungry all the time!  I have to eat a snack before I go to sleep - otherwise I won't be able to go back to sleep when I wake up to use the bathroom!
Aversions: Nothing that I can think of!
Symptoms: I can tell I am getting some of my energy back...I am actually making it most days without a nap!  I am now getting the urge to really clean out my house and get all the stuff we don't need out of here!  I already have enough for a yard sale - but I don't think it is worth the effort!
Best moment of the week: I love how excited Katie gets to tell people that there is a baby in my belly :)  And my friend Ashley had a baby and holding that sweet newborn made me really excited to meet this new addition!  I can't believe we are really having another baby sometimes!  

And here is a comparison of me at 16 weeks with Jack and this one...I didn't have a shot of me at 16 weeks with Katie, but I will compare all three as I have them all :)  Glad I'm in better shape - and I look more tan (not sure how that is but I'll take it)!


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