Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weekend Before Last Recap

I'm not doing a very good job of staying updated, but I'm trying to do better :) This will be a long, full-of-pictures post so that I can try to catch up a little sooner, so just hang in there!

It was so great having a long weekend (because of the MLK holiday) weekend before last...we certainly enjoyed having Daddy home an extra day!  Katie asks him just about every day if he has to go to work today.  That Saturday morning started off with some light reading for Jack - with a furry dog pillow, of course!
And I decided to gear up for consignment season, so I started hanging things up and sorting through the things I bought ahead for Jack so I would know what he has and what I need to look for.  That boy is set.  This is all spring and summer...and maybe some fall - but it isn't everything!  I need to look for pajamas and bathing suits for him and that's about it!
Katie had had a cold, so we opted to not go to church (so she wouldn't cough on them and she couldn't catch anything else).  Instead, we used a gift card I got for Christmas to IHOP - YUM!  Katie loves playing all the games on the kids' menus these days...especially when she makes up her own rules for tic tac toe with Daddy!
Here she is with her breakfast.  And she ate every.single.bite.  I couldn't get over it!
And my normal deal at IHOP - Buttermilk Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup drenching them.  YUM!
And this one...he ate some pancake too!  He, of course, made new friends behind him and was high-fiving and flirting...he can spot a set of grandparents a mile away!  And they loved it!
I took the kids to Target that day too - they absolutely love the cart they can both ride on!
And then later in the day, we hung out and went to dinner with the Fishers!  I hadn't eaten at Mellow Mushroom in forever - it was delicious!  And Katie and Chloe were so sweet together...and at a glance, they look like they could be twins!  Their hair color is the same (and same length)...and they are about a month apart in age.  So fun!
That Monday morning, MLK Day, Katie and I headed out to sign her up for soccer this spring (I can hardly wait!!!) and then have a Mommy Date!
She asked if she could get chocolate milk to try again - and she was a huge fan :)  It was the first time she really liked it!  And of course our donuts were yum!
Katie had gymnastics and was so excited that Brad was able to go and watch her.  Afterwards, we stopped at Lowe's for a few things - and of course the kids wanted to ride the lawnmowers :)  Jack loved it!  I know what I can do with him that's free this spring! 
And I think Katie felt like she was driving a car :)
She loves riding on Brad's shoulders!  He always says she can on the way to the car :)
After Jack got up from his nap, we took advantage of the nice weather and rode over the the church a couple streets over....Katie rode her bike there and Brad pushed Jack in the stroller.  Katie did a great job on her bike - I think she will be learning to ride without training wheels this spring or summer!  And that parking lot was perfect - flat and had an area where she could do laps!
We also took Sadie - Jack had a big time throwing the ball for her!
He was starting to get sister's cold, so this was the best smile we could get :)
For dinner we headed to Jim n Nicks - it seems whenever we go there, Jack eats a TON!  He has been a bit pickier lately due to the cold and teething, so we figured we would go somewhere he loved :)
Katie was excited for her chicken and french fries :) She worked hard at gymnastics and on her bike!
And this one - they always love him when we go there...and it seems to always be the guys!  So funny...he is such a ham and loves the high fives!
What a fun weekend we had!  And having a day where we could get out and enjoy the "warmer" weather was so nice!  I cannot wait for spring so we can spend more time outside!


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