Thursday, January 30, 2014

Weekend Before Last Recap

I'm not doing a very good job of staying updated, but I'm trying to do better :) This will be a long, full-of-pictures post so that I can try to catch up a little sooner, so just hang in there!

It was so great having a long weekend (because of the MLK holiday) weekend before last...we certainly enjoyed having Daddy home an extra day!  Katie asks him just about every day if he has to go to work today.  That Saturday morning started off with some light reading for Jack - with a furry dog pillow, of course!
And I decided to gear up for consignment season, so I started hanging things up and sorting through the things I bought ahead for Jack so I would know what he has and what I need to look for.  That boy is set.  This is all spring and summer...and maybe some fall - but it isn't everything!  I need to look for pajamas and bathing suits for him and that's about it!
Katie had had a cold, so we opted to not go to church (so she wouldn't cough on them and she couldn't catch anything else).  Instead, we used a gift card I got for Christmas to IHOP - YUM!  Katie loves playing all the games on the kids' menus these days...especially when she makes up her own rules for tic tac toe with Daddy!
Here she is with her breakfast.  And she ate every.single.bite.  I couldn't get over it!
And my normal deal at IHOP - Buttermilk Pancakes with Strawberry Syrup drenching them.  YUM!
And this one...he ate some pancake too!  He, of course, made new friends behind him and was high-fiving and flirting...he can spot a set of grandparents a mile away!  And they loved it!
I took the kids to Target that day too - they absolutely love the cart they can both ride on!
And then later in the day, we hung out and went to dinner with the Fishers!  I hadn't eaten at Mellow Mushroom in forever - it was delicious!  And Katie and Chloe were so sweet together...and at a glance, they look like they could be twins!  Their hair color is the same (and same length)...and they are about a month apart in age.  So fun!
That Monday morning, MLK Day, Katie and I headed out to sign her up for soccer this spring (I can hardly wait!!!) and then have a Mommy Date!
She asked if she could get chocolate milk to try again - and she was a huge fan :)  It was the first time she really liked it!  And of course our donuts were yum!
Katie had gymnastics and was so excited that Brad was able to go and watch her.  Afterwards, we stopped at Lowe's for a few things - and of course the kids wanted to ride the lawnmowers :)  Jack loved it!  I know what I can do with him that's free this spring! 
And I think Katie felt like she was driving a car :)
She loves riding on Brad's shoulders!  He always says she can on the way to the car :)
After Jack got up from his nap, we took advantage of the nice weather and rode over the the church a couple streets over....Katie rode her bike there and Brad pushed Jack in the stroller.  Katie did a great job on her bike - I think she will be learning to ride without training wheels this spring or summer!  And that parking lot was perfect - flat and had an area where she could do laps!
We also took Sadie - Jack had a big time throwing the ball for her!
He was starting to get sister's cold, so this was the best smile we could get :)
For dinner we headed to Jim n Nicks - it seems whenever we go there, Jack eats a TON!  He has been a bit pickier lately due to the cold and teething, so we figured we would go somewhere he loved :)
Katie was excited for her chicken and french fries :) She worked hard at gymnastics and on her bike!
And this one - they always love him when we go there...and it seems to always be the guys!  So funny...he is such a ham and loves the high fives!
What a fun weekend we had!  And having a day where we could get out and enjoy the "warmer" weather was so nice!  I cannot wait for spring so we can spend more time outside!


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Save the Date: Matilda Jane Show!

Save the Date!!! I am hosting my first Matilda Jane show this coming Tuesday, February 4!  The new spring/summer line, It's A Wonderful Parade, promises to have some amazingly cute pieces in it!  I can't wait for this first release!  

If you can't make it in person, you can email my trunk keeper with your order Monday evening.  For more information on both in person and email, visit the Facebook event page, found {here}!
We are a big fan of Matilda Jane pieces at our house!  I love how you can easily mix and match different pieces for layering and different looks!  Here are a few recent pics of Katie sporting her Matilda Jane!

Not only do they have the cutest pieces for the little ladies...but they also have amazing things for us ladies!  I can't wait to see all the women's pieces for spring and summer!

Let me know if you have any questions! :)  The first release will go live on the website on Saturday and like I said before, you can email your order the night before my show to be included! 

Stay warm - and check back for several posts in the works!


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Growing Up Way Too Fast

I realized that I had not had my nice camera out much recently, so I decided to fix that earlier this week.  On Tuesday, Jack napped when we got home from school, so I played outside with Katie and snapped some pictures of her.  This was my favorite - looking at this one just makes my heart burst with love, pride, happiness...I don't really know how to explain it.  But she's got my heart for sure!  I can't believe she will be turning FIVE in just three months!
And this boy.  Oh, this boy.  He is all boy and so entertaining.  At 19 months, he is at that very busy age...but I can tell that he can really focus and play for a while!  He loves books, cars and trucks, Sesame Street, Weebles, and balls.  I took over 100 pictures of him on Wednesday while Katie was at school, and this one was my favorite.  We were playing on the floor and ended up playing peek-a-boo around the basketball goal.  He is such a little ham and he knows it.  And he gives the best hug for a little guy!  I can't believe he is growing up so quickly - and I wonder what he will think when Baby C #3 arrives - that should be interesting no doubt!  I love how excited he gets and how happy he is (and has always been) - he is the best little dude!


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Weekend Recap

What a fun weekend we had last week!  And yes, I am proud of myself for trying to stay on top of the blogging so I don't get so behind!

Friday night, Katie had her first slumber party at Cee Cee's house!  She was SO excited - and she got to use her sleeping bag for the first time (other than sitting in it to play with toys)!  Mom sent this to me :)
After we went to dinner with Jack and got him down, Brad and I finally hung a bunch of things on the wall in the bonus room area!  We have lived in this house over 3 years and had not hung anything - oops :)  I had gotten the kids' hospital pictures and panels framed, so we hung those up - with room for baby #3 of course!
And then I had gotten some fun Auburn and Tennessee things, so we made a "house divided wall" over the couch!  That blank space on the left will feature a canvas photograph of Toomer's Corner that my friend (who is an amazing photographer) took!  Can't wait to hang it up there!
And we hung this clock also - more to come on that chest, but I love it there at the top of the steps/outside the kids' rooms!
Finally, we hung our family picture canvases at the landing/wall up the stairs!  This is the view as you start down the stairs!
Another view - from the landing looking upstairs...
And a view from downstairs when you are sitting on the couch!
Love that we were so productive - and it makes it feel so homey!

Saturday, I didn't take any pics, but we had a fun day!  We ate breakfast with my Dad and then I picked Katie up around the middle of the day.  After quiet time, we headed to dinner with Brad's family to celebrate his aunt's birthday!  It was great to visit (and the food was good too)!

Sunday we got up and went to church (and managed to get up, ready, and out the door in 35 minutes)!
We ran some errands and then came home to eat lunch.  After lunch, Katie helped me finally work on a project I've been meaning to do for like a year and a half!  My grandparents gave us a nice cedar chest that has been in the garage because it needed refinishing. 
We sanded it down and stained it and then let it dry overnight!
We are SO happy with the finished product!  It was my great-grandmother's chest, so it is neat to have family pieces that have so much history!
Here is the view from the front...
After I changed clothes and scrubbed my hands, I headed over to Ashley and Andrew's house to try for some newborn pictures of their newest addition.  Sweet Lila was less than thrilled, so I am going to try again soon.  I did get this with my phone while she fell asleep in my arms!  Clearly she didn't like the flash :)
And here is my wild man - he is a blur in pictures these days! :)
Hope your weekend was great!  Another post coming tomorrow with a few pics I have taken of the kids over the last couple days...they are growing up way too quickly!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bump Watch: 16 Weeks

How far along: 16 weeks!
Size of baby: About the size of a turnip - 5 inches and 5 ounces!
Total weight gained: As of my last appointment (Jan. 2), the total amount was about 8 pounds I think.  I have started using my calorie counting app (not to worry - I have it set to either maintain or gain .5 lb per week) - I just need to pay attention to what I'm eating! :)
Maternity clothes: Yep!  And the yuck part?  Well, it is good and bad.  The good is that I lost weight and am smaller.  The bad?  All of my maternity clothes are too big!  So I am having to buy ones that fit!
Gender: Not sure! I find out February 6!  My guess is girl - guess we shall see!
Movement: Nothing predictable.  I feel some flutters...mostly at night...I think I felt my first flutter on Christmas Day!  I can't wait until this little one makes his or her presence known! 
What I Miss: Sleeping on my stomach!  And of course having a drink :)
Sleep: It is pretty decent.  I do get up to go to the bathroom once in the night.  I got a pregnancy pillow last weekend and it is amazing!  I can tell I have definitely slept better since I got it!
Cravings: Nothing major these days.  I do love some sweets.  But the main thing is that I am just hungry all the time!  I have to eat a snack before I go to sleep - otherwise I won't be able to go back to sleep when I wake up to use the bathroom!
Aversions: Nothing that I can think of!
Symptoms: I can tell I am getting some of my energy back...I am actually making it most days without a nap!  I am now getting the urge to really clean out my house and get all the stuff we don't need out of here!  I already have enough for a yard sale - but I don't think it is worth the effort!
Best moment of the week: I love how excited Katie gets to tell people that there is a baby in my belly :)  And my friend Ashley had a baby and holding that sweet newborn made me really excited to meet this new addition!  I can't believe we are really having another baby sometimes!  

And here is a comparison of me at 16 weeks with Jack and this one...I didn't have a shot of me at 16 weeks with Katie, but I will compare all three as I have them all :)  Glad I'm in better shape - and I look more tan (not sure how that is but I'll take it)!


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Happy New Year!

I hope each of you has had a fantastic start to the new year! I am happy to report I have only messed up one time with writing 2013 instead of 2014 :)  We have been busy spending time with friends and family and enjoying all the goodies we got over the holidays!  The kids finally started back to school this past week, so hopefully we will begin to get back into our regular routine!  I had a routine doctor's appointment that went just lovely.  We actually got some snow, but sadly it wasn't enough to actually enjoy (like sledding or snowman building) - and had temperatures that hovered around ZERO degrees earlier this week.  We watched some football - Auburn should have totally won that game, but that's another story :)  And I am so excited to see what this year holds for us.  It will be a game-changer for sure!  Here is our annual family New Year's picture :)
Check back for my 16 week post, maybe even a catch up post already (I am trying to do better and not get behind this year), and a weekend recap!

Happy 2014!!