Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Summer Catch Up: July Edition

Back to some playing catch up! Yay for almost being finished with summer!  Here we go with the rest of July and what all we were up to (or at least some of it)!  Remember I already did a post on our 4th of July adventure in Virginia and all the grandparent birthday shenanigans!
The kids also completed swim lessons!  They did so wonderfully and had amazing instructors!  Can't wait for them to do it again next summer!
When we got back from Virginia, we decided it was time to transition Jack's room from a crib (yes he was still in a crib at age 3 - ha!) to a big boy bed.  Whew!  SO here is the before picture -- this was the view as you walked into his room!
And the after picture!  He loves his bed - and actually wouldn't get out of it until we came in until just recently (a whole different transition - whoa nelly).  I will do a separate post with a few details of his big boy room since it is finished now!
We did this while he was at school, so it was a surprise!  He was beside himself with excitement - I'd say this picture of a blur of jumping describes it perfectly!
And we did a family selfie that night as we tucked him into his big boy bed for the first time!
And seeing this picture of Katie makes me miss summer weather for sure!  She looked so grown up at the time - and now she looks even older!  I guess this was like 5 months ago, and a lot changes with kiddos in that amount of time! 
When potty training, I told Jack when he pooped in the potty, we would go immediately to Toys R Us and let him get a toy.  Wouldn't you know it happened when I was getting ready to go to a concert? Ha!  But we stopped everything and he picked out this Blaze and the Monster Machines toy!  Doesn't he look proud??
Then I finished getting ready and headed out with friends for brunch and some Luke Bryan!  Here is our crew getting a drink at Whiskey Kitchen before heading to the stadium!
And me and Tanja once we got inside.  It was HOT out there - it included like 4 acts leading up to Luke Bryan, so it was a long day! 
Me with some of my very, very favorites!  We had such a fun time!
I thought this picture of Brad with the big kids was cute - aside from Jack's silly face.  I expect nothing less though!
We also took a day and let the kids wash my van!  They did an excellent job - there was only one spot that they missed!  And I think they had a fun time doing it too!
They even stopped to pose while working!
Then it was water table time - I was impressed that Katie still found it entertaining!  Of course Jack and Ryan loved it though!
I could actually sit back and "relax" for a few minutes.  And by relax, I mean chase Ryan and make sure he didn't fall on the aggregate.
And another day of cuteness - the boys matched!  Except after this picture I  realized Brad had put Jack's shorts on Ryan, so they were a little too big - ha!
Ryan also officially became a walker!  Here he is in action!
And a post-church picture with my three ring circus!  I have this one framed next to my side of the bed!
One day, we headed to our friends' house to let the kiddos play!  We need to see them again soon and play some more - we miss seeing them at preschool!  Here are Jack and Cal!
And Katie and her friend Annalane!
Then they changed and prepared for some water fun!
Jack got a scooter, so they had fun playing in the driveway on their scooters - Jack really likes his Cars helmet too :)
Another day, we went to Pump It Up to let the kiddos get some energy out! They had a blast - and I even went down the slides a few much fun!
Afterwards, we met Brad for lunch and got some ice cream too!  It was fun to have lunch as a family during the week!
Sweet boy swinging :)
My mom and I took Katie to The Frist Art Museum and looked at the exhibit that was going on (years of fashion) and then played in the kid area - all three of us had a great time!  AND we managed a cute picture together!
Just before school started, Katie did an art campf or a few days with her friend Hannah Jo - here they are before going in one day.  Sweet girls!
And the products of her hours spent at camp!  I am so glad she loves art so much!
While I do wish that I had stayed up to date on the blog, I have to say it is pretty fun to go back and think about all the fun stuff we did throughout the summer!  Next up - August! :)

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