Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weekend Recap

What a fun weekend!  And aren't you impressed I am actually doing a "real time" post?  I know I am - ha!  I thought I'd try to stay on top of what we are up to and then do a few catch up posts and hopefully get this done before the end of the month (which obviously is the end of the year)!
Friday evening, Katie had her first basketball practice!  She had a blast at practice!  She said running around and shooting baskets were her favorite parts!  After practice was over, she told her coach thank you and he walked over and said "she's a natural" - I know that the jury is out on that, but I am so excited to see how she does!  Height will definitely be helpful!  I just hope she has fun with it and learns more about the sport!
Saturday we got up and Katie and I had a Mommy Date!  We hadn't done that in quite some time, so it was long overdue.  Katie was excited about the belly and snowman donuts!  I loved getting to spend time with just her!
After that, she went to an event with her girl scout troop - sweet girls!  This wasn't all of them, but I think this picture is so sweet!
I picked her up early from that event so we could go to Stella's birthday party!  Here are these sweet girls before going inside!
And the boys jumped in for literally a few seconds!
After the party was over, we headed home and I took a shower!  We worked out earlier in the day, so it was definitely time.  And we had a Christmas party to go to!  Here we are at the party!
And me with my soccer ladies!  Well, obviously not the whole team, but a few fun folks!
And the food. Ohhhh, the food. It was all amazing!  And the rest of the goodies were nice too! :)
And then this morning, we got up and went to the Titans tailgate!  Star Wars characters were there because they were raising money for Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  We had a great time...especially the kiddos! 
And our crazy crew with the Star Wars folks!
Then tonight, Katie and Brad did a Daddy Date at Chuy's!  I fed the boys dinner and then decided to load them and Sadie in the car to go see Christmas lights!  It also included me going to Jenn's house and her bringing me a to go plate of leftovers from last night's party.  YUM!  We had fun driving around!
And I love this that I happened to take once we all got home this evening.  They sure love each other!!
Brad put the tree topper on the tree, so it is officially done!  We only put about half of the ornaments on because of Ryan, but I'd say it still looks decent!  Now to wrap some presents to put under...
Definitely a fun weekend!  Now time to go to bed to get rest so I can tackle this week!

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