Saturday, February 28, 2015

February Catch Up: Week One

Well, this is pretty fitting - starting my February catch up posts on the last day of the month.  Oh well - better late than never, I guess!  And I think I will do some generic posts for the month, as well as specific ones - like Uncle Will's birthday, Valentines Day, and Icemageddon!  And I really am going to try to do better with this - it is so much easier to do a fun, brief post about an event or weekend as opposed to these that have days or even weeks included!  But alas, here I am, needing to catch up on a whole month.  So here we go.
February 1
Katie went to a cheer clinic where they learned a dance and then performed at halftime of the Vanderbilt Women's basketball game.  She had a great time!  Here she is practicing...action shot for sure!
And a picture of us together!  Between the clinic and the game, they had inflatables, food, sno cones, and other fun things!
And here she is with some of her buddies.  And yes - they are all in kindergarten.  Katie is just a giant!  I am fairly certain she is slumped over in this picture!
And we had great seats for the game!  Here we are courtside - literally!
We left there, went home so Katie could change, and then headed to a Super Bowl party!  We had fun, but having our kids there was nuts (mainly Jack).  Next year, I think we will be getting a babysitter so we can actually watch the game and commercials!
February 2
I woke up bright and early to head to Tae Bo!  I'd say it was a good class judging by the amount of sweat on my shirt!
February 3
Katie was sporting her Valentine's gear for school!  And we did our "quick pic" in front of our Valentine's banner!
And here is Jack and his spot to take a picture at school! Ha!  Poor guy - that black eye was awful!
And Daddy surprised Katie at school for lunch!
And Ryan had his first tooth poke through!
The dinner I made was yummy - lasagna cups!
February 4
We headed to Jack's class that morning - we only did a month. I am thinking we may have to start doing these again...he really loved it!  And it helped get some of his energy out!
For dinner, we headed to Newks...and these two actually cooperated for a picture together!
Which of course meant that Jack wanted one with Daddy as well :)  Cute!
February 5
While Jack and Katie were at school, Ryan and I went on a lunch date with Cat and Carter!  I love how they were staring each other down...and they kept "talking" - it was so funny!
February 6
Katie went on a field trip at school, so she had to wear her special school shirt.  And she wanted a picture with Sadie!
And I got a picture of Jack smiling nicely, but I think this one is more fitting.  Wild man!
February 7
Katie went to a Pancakes and PJs birthday party - such cuties!
While she was there, I did my neighbors' house.  Our washing machine was out of commission for like a week - not good with three kids!! Once again, thank goodness for sweet friends and neighbors!
After laundry, I went with Brad (Katie's girl scout troop "cookie daddy") to get the troop's girl scout cookies.  THAT is a LOT of cookies!
February 8
These two are already forming a sweet bond.  They laugh at each other and it is so fun to watch!
Katie also addressed her valentines for her class!
And here is a picture of Katie and myself (wet hair and all) before heading to my brother's birthday gathering!
Check back for more updates!  We certainly stay busy around here :)

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