Tuesday, July 14, 2015

April Catch-Up

Well hello there!  We are still alive - just insanely busy!  Whew!  I've enjoyed this summer for sure - especially having Katie around more - but it will be nice to get back into a routine!  I can't wait to be able to keep this blog up to date!  I am really going to do better - at least after this post, I can do Katie's birthday and her birthday party and then I'll be into May.  Not too shabby! :)
I figured doing a April catch up post would be easiest.  These are some of my favorite pictures from April!
Brad and I had a date night for dinner at Local Taco and went to see Pirates of Penzance - my first opera!  Midweek date nights are always fun!
And a before school picture of Katie!
That same day, I took the boys to Cheekwood to see all of the beautiful tulips in bloom!  Jack kept asking me to take his picture - couldn't resist that!
 How beautiful!!
 And I even got a good picture of Ryan!  Jack had a blast trying to help get him to smile. :)
 And a picture of the two of us with some of the tulips behind us!
 And one more of the sea of tulips - they are just so colorful!
 We also saw the trains when we were there - I think Jack would stay at that area all day!
Katie also had Derby Day at school - so I went to cheer on her class!  And I did it with her - we ran over half the time!  She had donations for each lap as a fundraiser for her school...so much fun!
And had to get one of her with her buddy!
Later that day, the room mom team hosted a baby shower for her teacher - it was so much fun! 
The next day, Brad and Katie headed to the girl scout camp for a Daddy-Daughter campout!  Katie was  very excited about that!
While she was gone, we went to Hank's birthday party at Chick Fil A - and of course Jack loved the cow!  He didn't want him to leave!
After that, we met Papa at the Farmer's Market and then came back to the house so the boys could play outside! 
That night I went out to celebrate Jenn's birthday!  It was a great night out - and they continued the evening at a ball (I went home after dinner)! 
The next day I took the boys to the playground while we waited on Brad and Katie to return from their adventure!
I think Ryan was excited about some fresh air!
Later that afternoon, I headed to a friend's baby shower - so fun to see other friends there!
And then that night we headed out to celebrate Tanja's birthday!  Great friends and great food!
And one of just me and Brad - love this one!
And the girls!
And of course one of me and the birthday girl :)
The next day, Ryan figured out how to stand up in the crib.  He was not pleased that he was still in his bed here - ha!
And a cute picture of Jack and Cal at preschool one day!
I bet Ryan was trying to figure out how to pull Sadie's hair here :)
Another date night - to a playoff game for the Predators!
And Ryan had a playdate with his girlfriend :)  Cuties!
Goodness Katie looked so old here! She loves accessorizing!
LOVE this picture of Jack!  Cute boy!
And back to the napping saga.  Ryan fell asleep in the middle of the floor playing with toys.  Oh my.  I am glad I can look back at that time as just a stage (though a very frustrating one) and know that he did eventually figure out the whole napping situation!
And Jack before going to dinner - I ended up taking him to the walkin clinic after dinner because he was so pitiful and had a fever.  He ended up with a double ear infection and strep - how was he smiling here?!
Another cute one of Ryan!
I think Katie liked this outfit - strike a pose!
And yes - the nap saga.  Ryan fell asleep in the cart at TJ Maxx while I was shopping - ha!
Another bus stop picture!  Love this outfit on her...so fun to find Target tops that coordinate with MJ!
And towards the end of the soccer season, Jack wouldn't leave Katie's coach's side!  So he would put him to work and have him help...it was fabulous!
We also took some walks to the playground - Ryan loves to swing!
Jack looking like a cool dude!  And we also went to watch bulldozers and excavators - Jack's dream!
I got to eat lunch with Katie too!
That weekend I made it to tae bo - and survived!
And we got some outside playtime in too!  Jack loves the cozy coupe!
Daddy and his boy :)
And me - I was headed to volunteer a shift at an all Matilda Jane consignment sale.  It was pretty amazing :)
And then we headed to church the next morning!
And woohoo!  Both boys napping at the same time in their own beds!
Another soccer practice when Jack was put to work!
Katie and her friend Annalane!  Sweet girls!
Love this one of them walking out together!
And Katie wanted a picture with Sadie before school this day - it looks like Sadie is smiling! Love it!
And Jack asked for a picture before he went into preschool!  I'm training them well! :)
And more success - napping at the same time in their beds!
What a goofball!  She had been home sick but was absolutely fine, so we were headed out for her to pick out what plates and napkins she wanted for her birthday party and then go to her 6 year appointment!  She had slept in a braid and loved how it made her hair curly :)
And of course I had to take a picture of this sweet boy too! 
Katie was happy and healthy and did great at her appointment!  As usual, she is still >97 percentile for height and I think close to 95th percentile for weight!
Congrats if you made it this far - that was a lot!  I'll do a post about Katie's birthday celebrations next!  Check back soon!

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