Friday, July 17, 2015

Katie's Birthday Celebrations

One thing is for sure - we sure know how to drag out a birthday!  We started celebrating Katie's birthday about a week before her birthday and then went almost a week past!
We had a family dinner at one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate the April birthdays!  Ryan ate everything that didn't eat him first...he sure loves his food!  Not too shabby of a picture!
And then the night before Katie's birthday, my mom and brother came over for our own celebration!  We even had a cake for her!  She was so excited to blow out candles before her actual birthday!
Notice the end-of-the-day crazy hair situation - ha!
And I had to get a picture of Jack loving on Uncle Will - he loves to climb up in his lap and give him big squeeze hugs!
The day of Katie's party, Sydney and Reagan came down beforehand so they could watch Katie open their gift :)  Such sweet friends!
And Katie and Daddy-o snuggled on the couch to read a new book that she got before we got ready to head to the party!
Of course I had to have a little photo shoot before the party...
 I just love all the colors!
 And a neighbor picture (minus Ryan)!  Love all these cute kiddos!
And I even managed to get one of Katie and Jack together!
Katie has been buddies with these two sweet girls since they were about 16 months old - amazing!  It is so fun to watch them grow up!
And Katie with her buddy, Ian!
The whole crew!  Such a fun birthday party - and I especially love that the adults can wear socks and play too :)
 And since it was a rainbow party, we had to have a rainbow cake...clouds and all!  Love how it turned out!
 The clouds looked like marshmallows - but they were icing :)
 Everyone was getting seated and getting ready to sing happy birthday!  They were also watching the slideshow of pictures so they could look for themselves!
 Ready for singing!
 And she huffed and puffed!
Lots of rainbows!  Sweet SIX year old!
And I took pictures of all the friends at the tables - so here they are!
And this cute guy gets his own picture - he was there...and he actually got out and went down some of the really big inflatables' slides with us!  He loved it!
And that's a wrap - another successful birthday party in the books!
When we got home, Jill took a family picture for us - love this one!
 And one more of the birthday girl :)
 Jack kept delaying going inside our house by asking me to take his picture.  How can I resist a cute smile like that?!  Love how this one turned out!
 And Katie was ready to open all her goods!  She got some great things for sure - such generous friends!
And just so you can see how cute the invitation turned out, here it is (with some info blocked off, of course)...
And here are a few vendors just so I can keep up with them :)
Invitation: LollipopInk
Cake: Puffy Muffin

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