Wednesday, July 22, 2015

May Moments: Part One

 Woohoo! A new month of catching up! Here is a glimpse into what the early part of May looked like for us.  Time is going by SO quickly and rarely are we at home doing nothing (which makes the days where we do stay home that much better).
May 2 was a Saturday - and I started the day with a run.  That is a TERRIBLE picture of me, but I guess it shouldn't be too glamorous since I had just finished running! 
Later that morning, Katie had a soccer game!  And we actually got a picture of all the girls between warming up and playing the game.  Such a sweet team -- I actually just registered Katie for soccer for this fall.  Initially she told me she did not want to play; that she wanted to do cheerleading instead.   I did some digging around and we missed the deadline to cheer for a local youth football team.  And then she decided she did want to play. So we went with that momentum!  I am looking forward to helping coach again too!
Jack and Ryan wore their soccer gear to cheer their Sissy on...looking at these pictures makes me realize just how much these kids change in just 2.5 months.
That afternoon, I got my hair done!  Love this picture - and I haven't had my hair done since, so it is nearing that time.  My roots are starting to look a little ridiculous.
A few days later, we toured a fire station with some friends!  I had these iron on felt applique designs, so I thought it was the perfect time to make these shirts for the boys!
I can't get over this picture of Jack - I need to get a print framed for his room, especially since his big boy room is still transportation!
And we got a picture together!
And a picture of Jack with his buds!
Later that night, Katie had soccer practice and then the end of season party!  We all ate dinner at a restaurant that also happens to be in our neighborhood and then the coach handed our trophies and talked about each player.
And just a random day of cute kids :)
I think this was just another random day - ha!  Whenever I would take Katie's picture, Jack would insist he was in it too, so I ended up taking one of them together instead.
I love witnessing sweet moments with these two!  Brad was fixing something on Ryan's dresser and Katie and Jack just sat looking at books for probably close to 30 minutes!  Amazing!
I can't believe school starts in a matter of weeks - love this picture of us before we headed down to the bus stop one day!
And Katie's girl scout troop voted to spend the money they earned from cookie sales on a Build A Bear party!  So here they are with the bears they made!
Katie certainly was proud!
And then that night, we hosted (us, our neighbors, and a friend of mine) a re-do of the Bluebird benefit for my brother!  The songwriters basically auctioned themselves off for a night and we all went in together and won it!  It was another amazing night!  If you want to see the post from the first event, {here} it is!  I think in this first picture, it was a show of hands to see who was at the event at the Bluebird.  Either that or who had a drink and was ready for the night to start :)
And there's my brother, Will!  I think they were talking about him here, so he was likely a little embarrassed!
 And in the midst of performing!  They all took turns down the line singing songs they had written - most of which we have all heard on the radio.  AMAZING night.  I'd definitely do that every weekend!
And one of old friends - me with Andrew and Tanja!
And the night ended with a dance party in the driveway.  So fun!  I have the best friends ever!
Coming next is Mother's Day, Field Day, end of school, and the rest of May!


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