Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ryan's First Birthday Party

Since Ryan is now officially 15 months old, I guess this would be a good time to go ahead and post about his first birthday party!  Looking at these pictures makes me realize, once again, how quickly time is flying and how much these kiddos are growing and changing!
We had Ryan's party at our house and it was so fun!  It was anchor themed - and I may have gone a little crazy with the décor.  But shhhhh....I may have also returned about 95% of it afterwards!  Yay! :)
This is what was at the front door as friends and family arrived...
And this was the entry table - I had a chalkboard looking poster out with some fun things about him at that age and stage along with a basket of goodie bags!
And the area in front of the fireplace - presents, anchors, and his chair with balloons on it!
And the kitchen island ready to go!  I was so excited with how it turned out! 
And the cake....ohhhh, the cake,  It was so cute and SO delicious!
And the infamous smash cake!  I love how it had its own look but still matched the big cake!
We also had a few cupcakes to make sure there was enough for all the folks - I'm glad we did because it meant we had cake left over!  YUM!  And then the cute anchor bulletin board with different baby pictures on it!
And some more anchors and teeny baby Ryan pictures out too!
And I had his pictures from newborn to 12 months clipped up on some burlap in the kitchen!
The most important - the birthday boy!  When we brought him downstairs from his nap, he was so overwhelmed at all the people.  Once he warmed up, he had a blast!
And the best we could get of all three crazy kids!  Love that they all were sporting their anchors!
And the moment of truth - he looks like he is staring down the cake and ready to go to work on it! This was when everyone was singing happy birthday to him!
When he first got the opportunity to dig into the cake, he was not so sure.  Brad had to give him a little help and entice him with the yummy icing!
Then he got down to business...there is no telling how much sugar he consumed...he clearly loved it though!
Just look at the cake!  Once he ate a lot, he started just tearing into it and smashing it around!
Here are a few more action shots that I got on my phone.  I love the last one - he's looking at us and probably thinking -- "What? You don't want me to shove this cake and icing in my ears? You mean like this?" Ha!
And a final shot before being all done (whether he liked it or not)!
I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures at the party of all the guests and friends, but I did manage to get one of Ryan and Carter together!  They stuck to playing on the deck once all the crazy big kids were playing in the sprinkler out in the yard!
And we did manage one family picture - Katie and Jack were clearly ready for water play!  And even I was sporting an anchor shirt!
We had such a great time at the party and being able to celebrate Ryan and his first year!  I also decided after planning two separate parties for the boys (because I felt like Ryan at least needed his own first birthday party) that they will be having joint parties for the foreseeable future :)




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