Thursday, September 10, 2015

Jack's Third Birthday Party

Whew! Prepare yourself for picture overload!  I figured since I caught up on Ryan's birthday party, I should probably do the same for Jack's!  We had a construction themed party a couple weeks after his birthday (so we could space out the partying at hour house!) and it was great to celebrate with friends and family!
Here is a family picture before the fun started!
And the birthday boy!  He was so excited - I do think turning 3 is when it all is real and they "get it"!
And one more - love this one!
I thought this was a cute picture of him taking the balloons back up to put next to the front door!
Katie was so excited to help get things ready for the party.  She actually made some signs that she put up - here are two examples.  I laughed so hard when I saw this first one!  And it is true - it is important to watch out for Jack! ha!
And another one.  She also did a sign to show where the presents were to go.
And we had his chair ready with the caution taped mantle...and you can see that other sign Katie made :)
And the yummy spread!  I loved the road running underneath the food!
And another view - you can see we still had the anchor hand towels up from Ryan's party :)
The cake!  The same sweet lady made this cake and it was just as delicious!  I also love how it turned out!
One more view of the food area!  
And I am so glad I thought to borrow our neighbors' tent for the was a rainy day!  And I had planned to let the kiddos play with dumptrucks and bulldozers in pools of sand and dirt!  So they still had fun and were undercover (which actually was a good idea regardless - it could have kept the sun off of them too!).
The sand was a hit!  The dirt - not so much.  Who knew!  I figured the dirt would be more fun but they loved the sand.  Maybe they were pretending to be at the beach :)
I couldn't get Jack to stop to actually smile and look at me, so this was as good as it got.  He loved it!  The perfect party for him for sure!
And yay that Tanja and Nick could come - they were out of town for Ryan's party, but they were back for Jack's!  Think he was excited? :)
The boys sure love Tanja!  She was surrounded!
And then one with Nick in there too :)
All the goody bags were out and ready! I had Katie help me assemble them - amazing idea!  She loved it and it was one less thing I had to do!
Jack with his buddy Carter!  Sweet friends!
And then we got one with the mommas in there too!
And yay! I got one of me and my favorite Jack (I have to be careful about saying favorite boy - ha! I can say favorite girl with no issue...but I have to be specific with names for boys!)
And Katie had to get in there with Tanja and Nick too!
I definitely did better taking pictures at Jack's party.  Well, I did better and then Tanja took a bunch too!  Here is Katie with Avery and Olivia - such fun!
And after some playing, it was cake time!  I'd say Jack was excited! 
Everyone sang and then it was time to blow out the candles!  We just won't think about how much of his spit we consumed on the icing :)
I don't know whether he was ready to eat the cake or play with the bulldozers on the cake, but he took them off almost immediately after blowing out the candles!
Happy THREE year old.  Wow.
And a few pictures of some family and friends!  Brad aunt and uncle and momma and then my mom!
And Kara's whole crew!
Not too bad of a picture of me and Brad! I'll take it!
And one of us with Nick and Tanja!
Nanny and Papa! 
And then the kids were out playing in the sand some more.  Whew - sand ended up EVERYWHERE on the deck and in the sunroom.  Every once in a while I'll walk to the train table or to get a kid a book and feel sand under my feet!  Must mean they had a good time :)
Then it was pinata time! Daddy was showing Jack what to do...and we made sure all the other friends backed out of range of getting whacked.
This may be one of my most favorite pictures ever.  I am so glad I caught such a sweet moment!
Katie had a turn at the pinata too!
All the kids had several turns at hitting it...I think after this one, Brad took care of it and then it was a race to get the candy!
There was an audience!  Obviously the sun did come out - thank goodness!
And one more of this wild man!  Love that grin!
It is so fun having friends that I grew up with at my own kiddos' parties!  Here is Tanja, me, and Kara!
And here is a picture that Tanja made - a collage of us now paired with a picture of us from high school! Amazing!
After some quiet and naptime happened, Jack got to open his goodies!  Everyone was so generous and he was so excited to have new things to play with!
I am glad I had the boys' parties separate this year - they each had a blast!  With that said, I am looking forward to planning one party for the two of them next year.  And not having it at my house! ha!  Since their birthdays are a week apart and in the summer, it only makes sense to have a joint party...until they start having their own groups of friends when they get a little older!

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