Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back to School: First Grade Edition

Wow!  How can we have a first grader?!  After going to the meet and greet, Katie was so excited to start school!  She liked her teacher and was happy to know some friends in her class!  And she even cooperated for just a few pictures before we headed in for her first day!  Here are a few of them!

And then it was time to load up and head to school!  And I even grabbed a quick picture with my girl! 
And then one with Daddy - so glad he got to come to school for the first drop off too!
And our big girl ready to go inside.  I love that outfit - and yes it is Matilda Jane :)  I had planned on letting her ride the bus for that first half day, but she wanted us to drop her off - so of course we did!  I know there will come a day when she doesn't want us to walk her in, so I take advantage of these opportunities!
And then it was time to head inside!  Jack was so excited to go inside and see Katie's classroom.  I think Katie was as excited to show him around!  And we got to see her teacher from last year too - so fun!
And here she is at her desk! 
And Jack gave her a big hug before we left - I was so proud of him for being so sweet and not having any meltdowns when he couldn't play with playdoh or sit down in someone else's chair and when it was time to go!
And just for fun, here is a comparison of the first day of K and the first day of first grade!  Amazing how much she has grown and changed in just one short year!
And then it was time for her first full day of school!  And of course she wanted to wear her first grade shirt :)
Then we headed down to the bus stop!  Here she is about to hop on the bus for the first time this year!  She sure loves riding the bus!
And then a short week later, our kindergarten buddies started riding the bus!  Here is some of the bus stop crew - such sweet friends!  We have a great bus stop!
I'm so glad Katie is loving school this year!  I can't wait to see what all she learns this year and how much she will change by May!


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