Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Summer Catch Up: June Edition

Well, hey there! Welcome back! I thought I'd take a moment and work on my summer update.  I won't post a ton because that would just be incredibly long.  But I thought I'd share a little bit from each month over the summer (mainly for when I print this bad boy into a book)!  I know I did a little bit from June with the boys' birthday parties, but I wanted to do a little bit more!
June brought the beginning of "summer school" for Jack!  He went to the preschool in our neighborhood 3 days/week for the summer.  It was amazing. :) Here is his first day!  Just looking at this (5 months later - wow!), he has changed so much!
We also had the beginnings of walking!  Ryan started walking behind push toys quite efficiently!
Katie and I got to enjoy a day of fun together.  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  I can't wait to do this again!
We ventured to Cheekwood for some fun!  Love Katie's side ponytail!  We will definitely be doing this again soon too.  It is so fun there and the kids love the treehouse and trains!
We celebrated Ryan's first birthday!  It was a rainy day, so Brad was picked up Jim n Nick's to bring home.  The main reason was that Ryan loves their cheesey muffins.  Well, Brad got home and they didn't put the order of muffins in the bag.  I called just to let them know AND SOMEONE DELIVERED TWO DOZEN OF THEM TO OUR HOUSE THIRTY MINUTES LATER.  I may have told them it was my son's birthday and he loves them. :)  It was so sweet.  And clearly Ryan was excited!
Katie had vacation bible school at our church!  I love that our church has such a great program for kiddos.  And VBS at our church is a big deal - including all of the volunteers, there were over 1300 people involved (including all of the kiddos attending)! Wow!
We ate some delicious BBQ at Edley's and followed it up with Jeni's ice cream to celebrate the birthday of a friend!  Such a fun night out.
And another VBS shot.  Katie and Hannah Jo have been friends since they were 15 months old.  Amazing!
At the end of the week, they have a family night and have a "family worship" where we learn what the kids talked about all week and sing all of their songs.  And there are bounce houses and Chick Fil A and food trucks and fun!
One more of Katie and HJ.  Sweet girls!
Brad and I went to a get together with his work folks - it was great to see some of them and meet others.  And a fun afternoon out!
And Jack turned THREE!  Sweet boy.
On his actual birthday, we had neighbor friends over to play and have cupcakes.  We got Jack this little bounce house for his birthday and all the friends made a tunnel for him to run through and be the first kiddo on there!  Fun memories!
The crew!  Ryan was there too, but I didn't trust all of them on the bounce house with him :) And all of them didn't end up bouncing at the same time.  We usually did three at a time, which ended up being girls and then boys!
Blowing out his "3" candle!
We took quite a few walks this summer too!  It just so happened that there was some construction on the other side of the neighborhood, so that was what I used to convince Jack it was a good idea to go!
And we celebrated Father's Day!  The crazy crew with Brad before he opened his goodies!
Then we walked to the pool, swam and played, and then walked home.  Whew!
We ate dinner with my Dad that night.  And I got a picture of just us!  Love it!
And then we got a picture of Daddy and the kiddos dressed cute.  Except Ryan wouldn't have any of the smiling :)
Katie and Jack did swim lessons!  And they did amazing!  Jack went from clinging onto me like a koala bear to, a week later, jumping off the diving board!  And Katie did well with learning strokes!
Here are a few more from that week - Jack finally relaxed in the water enough to float on his back!  And it was hard to get picture of Katie - she loves going under water and swimming there rather than staying on the surface for the strokes that need to be there. 
Katie learned all about Shopkins at Hanna Jo's birthday party.  And the obsession is still around now - 5 months later!
Brad and I celebrated 9 years of marriage!  Wow!  Here we are at dinner.  This is one of my favorite pictures of us in a while!
And we got to have an evening out with friends the day of Jack's birthday party!  It was so fun - I always love getting together with friends and having adult time!
We had a girls night at a local boutique - it was after hours and we brought wine and they supplied appetizers.  We got to shop and try on and laugh and then save some money on the things we decided to get!  Doesn't get much better than that!
And Katie lost another tooth to finish up the month!  She is still holding steady at 3 teeth, but the top two front teeth are super loose - I hope she loses them before Christmas so she can sing that song!
Check back to see what all we did in July and August!  And any other fun things I may have missed over the Fall -- including our Halloween!  I am going to get caught up by the end of the year for sure!

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