Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Jam Packed Birthday Month

July is a crazy month around here - there are so many birthdays!  Grandparents (all but 1!), cousins, friends, even my grandfather!  It definitely kept us busy!  We got to spend time with each of the birthday girls and boy on their actual day this year - it was fantastic!

 Here are the crazies with Cee Cee while we were celebrating! Love this picture!
And the delicious cake!  There's nothing better than a Darlene's cake - we currently have one here (but not for much longer) from my birthday!  YUM!
And I love this picture of my Meme playing with Ryan!
And Jack loves to hop up in Uncle Will's lap and give him huge sweet!
And just 5 days later, we celebrated Brad's momma's birthday!  And guess what - another Darlene's cake!
Ready to blow out the candles!  Great picture - except all the stuff on the counters behind her.  Oops!
And a cute picture of the kiddos with Grandma!
And just the next day, we got to celebrate Papa's birthday!  We ate at a delicious BBQ place not far from our house (and we snuck in his favorite...chess pie)!  Love this picture of this crazy crew!
And I happened to notice this amazing outtake - ha!  Each of the kids' expressions is priceless!  This outtake was the first picture I took - and then they finally cooperated and the cute one was the last one I took!
We had fun celebrating these folks!  It doesn't hurt that it all involved yummy food and cake or pie.  :)  And of course the company was fun too!

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  1. July is an insane birthday month for us too! Both my kids plus myself and cousins as well all have July Birthday's!