Monday, November 30, 2015

Halloween 2015

I am still working on catching up from over the summer, but I wanted to go ahead and do Halloween and Thanksgiving so I don't forget! The weather was kind of nasty that afternoon, but thankfully, the rain stopped just before we headed out to trick or treat!  The kids had a blast - we have such great friends!
We didn't get around to carving pumpkins this year, but I did have faces to decorate them...but I didn't have two good pumpkins to use!  So the kids both used the same pumpkin.  Here they are working on it (I used the scissors -- not to worry)!
Jack's finished product ...
And Katie's finished product!
Then we headed to the Y so that Brad and I could get a good work out in and the kids could play!  I took this picture when we got home - love all their Auburn gear!  This will be a framer for sure!
And while the boys napped, I made a few things to take to the neighborhood Halloween party.  These were supposed to be oreo balls -- big fail.  Thankfully, Halloween is a messy celebration, so they fit right in :)
Then it was time to get the crazies ready!  Here they are! -- our cowboy, lion, and butterfly!
Ryan was quite possibly the cutest lion ever.  That was the perfect consignment find!
And here is Katie's ensemble - I was hoping her black cat costume from her school play would work, but it was too small (and she didn't want to wear it), so she opted for a butterfly!  Target to the rescue! I happened to find the wings and antennae there (along with the shirt and leggings).  Hopefully she will be able to wear this costume for her first grade play in a few months.
And our cowboy!  The hat, shirt, and handkerchief were from a local buy, sell, trade board and the horse portion is our neighbor's!  It was the cutest!
And one of the crazies all together! 
I did manage to get a family picture at our neighbors' house!  Not too shabby!
And a picture of me with some of my very favorite people!  Nice photobomb, Jeff! We were in the garage because of the rain!  Hopefully next year we can use the driveway again and have sunshine and mild temps!  The chili and treats were still just as good this year though!
It was fun to see Tanja and Nick dressed up too! Ryan was not so sure about Nick, so he may be trying to escape this picture :)
I went to take a picture of the girls and Reagan jumped in last minute - I just love this one!  Love all the kids - this is them to a tee!
 Katie and Jack were ready to head out!
 The first stop of the evening!
 Love this - Syd holding their hands as they went house to house.  Grandma kept Ryan at home so he wasn't out in the damp air, so he didn't partake in the trick or treating!
 There is no telling what Jack was talking about here, but it looks like it may have been pretty important!  Cute picture of him and Brad heading to the next house!
 And an attempt at a picture of me with Jack -- we had one of him smiling but his eyes were closed!  He wanted me to wear the hat for the picture :)
Then it was time to go through their loot!
Love this - the kiddos going through their buckets and finding treats!
We had such a fun night!  From there, we went a few doors further down the street and the kids watched part of Harry Potter while the grown ups ate some snacks and watched football (before coming home).  I love that we have a fun tradition for Halloween with our fun neighborhood crew!

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