Friday, June 3, 2016

Last Day of BYCS

In an effort to catch up, here we go with the end of last year's school year for the boys!  Goodness gracious they sure changed a lot!  It is so fun doing comparison pictures from their first and last days!  Here is Ryan...he has more hair!  And he is obviously bigger.  And no more baby -- definitely toddler!
 And here is Jack!  He is definitely looking more "little boy-like" at the end of school.  I guess that does make sense, but ugh!  He grew a bunch too!
 And a comparison of the two of them!  The last day of school was in a small window of time when Ryan would actually cooperate for some pictures! I even have a few where he would pose with Katie and Jack and smile!  Since then, he has exited said stage.  But I'm glad I got this decent one!  The two of them on the first day and last day -- you can definitely see the difference!  And I laughed after looking at this too...the first day was a yellow theme and the last day was an orange theme!  That was not planned.  I tend to do that a lot!
 Ryan sure loves his brother!  They have started irritating the fire out of each other this summer.  And a lot of it is Ryan!  He always wants to be where Jack is, and Jack is not always fond of that idea!  I try to let them settle it out as much as possible, but I do need to intervene at times :) 
And I am usually in a hurry when dropping the boys off, but I wanted to get pictures of them with their teachers.  Ryan has been going through a separation anxiety phase off and on, and he definitely was toward the end of school!  So when I picked him up and then tried to get a picture of him with Ms. Cindi and Ms. Heather, he would have none of it!  I think this picture is hilarious!
So guess who got to be in the picture to get a smile! 
Ryan had a great year and was definitely loved on by his sweet teachers.  I was 3 for 3 with my kids having Ms. Cindi! And then we of course love Ms. Heather - it was great having one of my friends be one of his teachers!
And here is Jack with Ms. Kim!  He loved her and all his buddies in his class!  He has talked about them just about every day since school let out.  He got to do some neat things with Ms. Kim!  And the boys of that class were great buddies!
I hope they have teachers that are just as wonderful next year -- Jack will be going 4 days a week and Ryan will be going 2 days a week.  And thank goodness they have a summer program!  Yesterday was their first day - I think I may have heard angels singing after I dropped them off!  Katie has been counting down until they started so she and I could have some time together :) We had a blast!  More to come on our summer so far!



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