Thursday, April 28, 2016

Spring Break on 30A: Day Six - Home Sweet Home

And our last and final moments at the beach!  Boy do I wish I was there right now.  It was such a fun trip - I cannot wait to go back!  We got up earlier that morning and got to packing.  Everyone was up and dressed and we were loaded and ready to go!  I let the kids walk around a little bit and see the ocean one last time.  Here we were venturing up the boardwalk to the ocean...
And there it was! Clearly it was a little rough.  And apparently it rained pretty much the rest of the time - glad we left when we did!  And it meant that there was little to no traffic while headed home...definitely made for a more peaceful drive!
And this was about as good as it got with these three!  Ryan did not have time to stand still :)  The other two were tolerant (and I use that word loosely - ha!)...
I love watching Ryan sleep -- I can still see that tiny baby in him.  In fact, he looks exactly the same here as he did in the 4D ultrasound when I was pregnant.  Kind of weird, but I can totally see it! 
And we actually got lucky enough for a short Jack snooze!  It definitely didn't last long, but I'm glad he got a little rest.  He had a big time at the beach!
Sing it now...."Reunited and it feels so good...." Ha!  This is one of the best parts of coming home...everyone getting to love on Sadie!  I don't know who is happiest in this picture! :)
What a fun spring break we had!  A beautiful condo that was perfect for us, lots of fun family time, and a gorgeous beach.  I'll take that any day of the week :)

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