Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My First Mother's Day

What an amazing feeling - I got to celebrate my first Mother's Day this past weekend. I just barely squeaked it in - Baby K was only 11 days old! We had a rough night Saturday night because her tummy was hurting (thank goodness for Mylicon drops!)...she slept on Brad's chest on the couch til 6am and then came into the bedroom for a feeding and some more sleep. We got up late morning and I gave her a bath. It was then time for me to shower - when I got out, both Brad and Baby K were in there with a bag and a card. The card was so sweet and then the gift - a diamond band for my right hand!!! Brad joked that I just had to have her in April - diamonds are April's birthstone. It has filigree on the sides, so it also matches my engagement ring. He also commented that it can be stackable for any future kiddos and their birthstones (man, he really put a lot of thought into it!). Absolutely amazing and so very special!!

My mom, grandmother, and brother came down for a visit and brought us lunch also (the lunch was actually my Mother's Day present from my brother). It was so nice to relax and get to visit. Here is a picture of the 4 generations...so neat!

I, of course, also had to have a couple of pictures of me with Baby K - after all, she is what allowed me to be able to celebrate Mother's Day! In the second picture, she is wearing a monkey outfit that she wore at the hospital. I can hardly believe that she is filling it out all the way and seems to be about to outgrow it!

I am so lucky to have a great husband, a precious daughter, and so many supportive and loving friends and family. I appreciate all of the Mother's Day greetings and cards that I received - it really meant a lot to me!
I go to the doctor Thursday for a check up and then Baby K goes on Friday for her 2 week check up. Hopefully she will be back up to her birth weight - she is definitely eating regularly, so hopefully that is doing the trick! Will update later this week with how the appointments go!!

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  1. I love the posts and the new layout! Katie is beautiful beyond words! What a thoughtful gift from Brad too! So nice and very pretty! Love you!