Thursday, July 23, 2009

12 Weeks = 3 Months!!

Wow...three months..really? I was looking back at the pictures of us in the hospital just after Sweet Pea was born and pictures from that first week home. Wow. She looks so much more "mature" (well as mature as a 3 month old can look, I guess). She is grasping rattles and shaking them and putting them in her mouth. She is smiling. She is sleeping through the nights. Her weight is in the double digits. Size 0 - 3 month clothes are starting to get a little snug. She is pushing up when doing tummy time. She has all of the elements of rolling over...she just needs to coordinate them all to happen at once (which I think will happy literally any day now). She knows mommy's and daddy's voices and lights up when hearing them. She loves sitting in daddy's lap. She likes watching the dog walk around. She loves spending time outdoors (especially when there is a breeze). She loves riding in the Baby Bjorn on our evening walks and has started really looking around at the trees and sky. What was our world like before this little blessing arrived? Definitely not as meaningful. We had fun and could be spontaneous....but I wouldn't change anything. As I sit here and watch this precious little girl play on the floor shaking her arms because she is wearing wrist rattles. While the crying spells are frustrating, especially because most of the time you can tell she is hurting, the times when she wakes up and smiles at you and cuddles with you make everything in the world alright. Her squirming, squeaking, and smiling just make me the happiest mommy ever.

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  1. She's so sweet and being such a big girl pushing herself up and holding rattles!