Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Visit from Amy & Baby Owen

Last Thursday my friend Amy came over and brought her sweet baby boy, Owen. It was great for us to be pregnant at the same time and to talk about symptoms, nursery ideas, registries, baby showers, and all of the emotions involved in thinking about having a baby. We had so much fun catching up and trading stories and talking about how we do things with our babies - it is great to get another perspective for sure! We had planned on laying out while the babies were napping, but of course it was overcast. That ended up working out fine because we just sat around and played with the babies and chatted. While I adore playing with Sweet Pea, I discovered it is even more exciting with a good friend and her baby to join in the fun! Here are a few pictures of our day....

They both loved squirming around on the floor!

We couldn't decide who was putting the moves on who...but they liked holding hands :)

The mommies and our sweet babies

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