Saturday, September 5, 2009

5K Fun

Last weekend, my friend Kara, me, and our kiddos did a 5K! We decided that we were going to try to do one each month and possibly even try to do the half marathon (walking most of the way, of course) in April. We will see if that happens...13 miles is a long way! Anyway, we got up and met at the race site bright and early. And yay for us - we weren't last!! I must admit that I was sore...from walking/jogging DOWNhill...not uphill. Weird. The neighborhood where it was held is very hilly...whenever I've driven through, I always think to myself, "This would suck to walk or run"...yep, I did it! Here are a few pictures (of course) of our fun!

Me & Baby K...and the wonderful jogger!

Kara and her sweet boy

We made it! This was just after we crossed the finish line.

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