Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Firsts...

Well after we learned what we should be doing from Baby K's doctor, I tried to put it in action today...

1) We were instructed to begin giving her baby vitamins, so I did. They are quite possibly the worst smelling thing ever. Think of an adult vitamin and that "fragrance" they have. Then imagine it in liquid form. Sick. Baby K did pretty well with it - I could tell she wasn't a big fan, but I think she liked it better than I did. The nastiest part is the burp or spitup that comes after having the vitamins. Yuck.

2) Instead of putting cereal in a bottle, the doctor suggested we solely spoon-feed. That way she learns what muscles to use to eat that way, which is obviously much different than sucking (like from a bottle). She did well, all things considered. She definitely pushed a lot out, but I do think she was able to actually swallow some of it. We are to do that once a day until she seems to get the hang of it and then begin twice a day. Once she gets used to that, we are to double the amount she eats in one sitting (1 tbsp to 2 tbsp cereal mixed w/ breast milk). I took a video of part of the experience ... now I just need to figure out how to get it on here!

3) Because she was spoon-fed, it was also her first time to sit in a high chair. She looked like such a big girl sitting there! I am glad I got the kind that sits in our kitchen chairs. It is neat because it also has 3 positions, which means it can recline for the smaller babies. I had her in the 2nd position to eat and then when she was done, I let her recline in the 3rd position to let what she did swallow settle a little. And yes, I did take pictures which will come at a later time!! :)

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