Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fun Firsts in Phoenix

As mentioned previously, I am quite behind in my blogging. A few weeks ago, we went to Phoenix for the first time since Baby K was born. She did great on the plane rides - in fact, when we landed in Phoenix, the people around us commented that they did not even know we had a baby with us! That is exactly how I had hoped it would be. While there, we relaxed, went swimming, drove up to Sedona for the day, went to a baseball game, and just had fun! Both of my stepsisters have little ones, so that meant we did not have to take any baby gear with us! They had it all there and set up when we got was great!!! We can't wait to go back to see everyone - it was so fun. The last night we were there, all the grandkids were over swimming. While it was chaotic, it was so fun! We swam and ate pizza and got to visit. Here are some pictures from our visit. Everytime I go out there it seems like I arrive and blink and it's time to leave!
Family pic at the Arizona Diamondbacks game

Baby K preparing for her first swim

Family pic in the pool for Baby K's first swim (she LOVED it!)

I loved how she was staring out the window at the red rocks as we drove into Sedona...she was trying to figure out what all that stuff was! It definitely looks different than the landscape in Tennessee...

Family pic in Sedona - we arrived shortly after a flash flood that flooded a low-lying arts district...thank goodness we weren't there for it!

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