Sunday, September 27, 2009

I've Got Spirit, How 'Bout You!

I guess Baby K is one confused baby during football season! Here she is sporting all of her team gear. I went to Auburn, so she had to sport her Auburn gear for the first weekend of football season (also, Brad was at the UT game, so he didn't have a say as to what she wore)! The following Thursday, she supported the Miami Hurricanes - Papa went there and is a huge fan. Actually, the university sent a teddy bear and that onesie to her when she was says "Class of 2031" because that will be her graduating year from college (isn't that a scary thought!). Pretty neat idea, I think! Last but not least, she cheered on the Vols last weekend when they played Florida. It was Brad's 30th birthday, so of course she had to support his team. For both Auburn and Tennessee, she has a onesie, bib, burp cloth, and hair clippy. She is quite the super-fan! Next weekend is the Auburn vs UT game...I wonder what she will be wearing...maybe she will support one team the first half and the other team the second half. She loves sitting in Brad's lap or in her papasan chair and watching football....that's our girl!

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