Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 Months Old!

Really? Five months, already? Last Tuesday, Baby K turned 5 months old. I can hardly believe it. She is doing new things on an almost daily basis. She is growing like a weed. I weighed her on the scale last Tuesday (not very official, but gives a ballpark estimate) and she weighs roughly 13 lbs, 12 oz - she gained 2.5 lbs in a month! I guess eating cereal will do that...as well as having introduced formula. She is now doing about half breastmilk and half formula. I was worried that she was too small after her 4 month appointment so I made the decision to go on and introduce formula. She was exclusively breastfed for 4 months...primarily breastfed up until 4.5 months...and now I'd say she is 1/3 breastfed, 2/3 formula.

Baby K is trying to sit up - she will hold herself up for about 30 seconds when sitting in her Boppy pillow and will try to "tripod sit" on the floor. Also, when you hold her on her feet, she stands on your lap! She has not rolled over from her back to her belly yet, but that will happen soon enough I feel certain. She gets on her side and wiggles around - most of the time when we put her on her playmat, she spins in a circle from all of her side-rolling and squirming around! She loves playing in her Exersaucer - there are so many exciting toys to keep her entertained! Everytime I set her in it it seems like she stands up taller...I think it is about time to move it up a notch! She also loves to sit in her papasan chair and try to pull the little bunny down. She used to fall asleep immediately; instead, she now gets so excited to battle the bunny! She is talking up a storm and loves to play with her pacifier. Gosh - it seems like she was just a tiny little baby that would sleep all the time. She is now more alert and just trying to soak it all in. She is still sleeping great (usually about 10 hrs at night with a couple 2 hr naps during the day). She just recently has really started watching Sadie walk around and reach out to pet (aka pull her hair) her. I think Sadie will take any kind of attention she can get though! I also love that Baby K still loves to snuggle. She will fall asleep curled up on our chest still. She has started getting squirmy in our arms sometimes but still likes us to hold her. I am really soaking that in because I know soon she will want to be on the floor and going, going, going. When we hold her she wants to be sitting up - no laying down for her! She has such a great personality - very inquisitive, sweet, and funny. We love her bright blue eyes and cute little nose. I love going in in the morning to find her smiling at me. We love her so much and have enjoyed watching her learn and grow!!


  1. Sweet!

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  2. What up cuz?!? It's Jeff from Dallas and after seeing these photos I now know why I wasn't blessed with little girls. I spoil my boys but a girl with those big ole' "Daddy can I have this" eyes, It would be all over......Hope ya'll didn't get washed away, looks like a terrible mess. Drop me a line if you get a chance....fenderfred1966@yahoo.com I feel terrible that we have lost touch but life is what it is right? But with every day there is new hope. Please know that I love you & yours & can't wait to see that precious little girl. Take care