Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall Is In the Air

Well it is officially fall. Time to stop wearing flip flops. Time to get out the long-sleeved shirts and fleeces (which, by the way, I am so excited to be able to fit into all of my clothes this winter - no maternity clothes for me!). Last weekend we went to Gentry's Farm, a local farm where you can pick your own pumpkin and they have tons of activities (hay rides, petting zoo, etc) for the kiddos. Obviously Baby K is a bit young for those things, but I cannot wait for her to be able to do them (so I can too!). It was a bit chilly, so we had to hurry - naturally, I forgot Baby K's jacket at home...oops! She loved looking at and touching the pumpkins on the ground. We ended up getting a pre-picked pumpkin because all the ones still in the "patch" were rotted because of all the rain we have had this season. It was so great to go as a little family and get our pumpkin. I want to go there as a family every year to get our pumpkin - very affordable, supports the local economy, and so fun! And once Baby K gets old enough to really want to play around, I know she will love it too.
Attempt at a family picture - Baby K was too excited about all those things on the ground...

I wanted her to explore those big orange blobs - she thought it was so neat!

Isn't she just adorable?? :)

Fall wreath is on the front door

Our family pumpkin, Baby K's little baby pumpking, and a mum...definitely fall!

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