Monday, November 23, 2009

Puffs & Sippy Cups

About a week I decided to let Baby K try Gerber Puffs. She is able to do the pincer grasp with her binky, so I thought she may like trying to feed these snacks to herself. She did pretty well figuring it out and after a few of them, she really enjoyed the taste. I do not give them to her everyday...that will begin once she can really feed them to herself. Here she is showing me her new treat :)

That same day, she also got to try something else new - a sippy cup! At her 6 month appointment, her pediatrician suggested we put a little water in it and just let her play with it a little before actually trying to use it at all. I have only let her play with it a few times since then, but she automatically knows what to do with it - straight to the mouth! Granted at this point, everything goes to the mouth to chew on it and slobber on it, so I don't know whether she knew it was a cup or that is just her way of checking it out. When she played with it, she loved banging it on the tray of the highchair and chewing on the spout. Whenever I set it on her tray, she gets so excited and tries to drink the water. I'm hoping that this sippy cup play will help her be more inclined to actually use a sippy cup down the road and ease the transition from the bottle. Luckily, we have a little time before that needs to happen!!

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