Sunday, November 1, 2009

Our Little Spook

Well this was Baby K's first Halloween. While she is clearly too young to go trick or treating, she did dress up and help me hand candy out to all the little kiddos. She is so cute in her little costume - it even had a stinger sewn into the butt area! So cute. And she was such a good sport - I had her in that costume 3 different times!!! And what a lucky baby - Cee Cee, Uncle Will, Papa, Grandma, Great-Grandmother, Meme, Ruth, and Owen all got to see her dressed up! How special :) Enjoy a few of the many pictures I took (who is surprised??) of her!! :)

Absolutely bee-autiful :)

Sitting cute with the perfect size bag!

Isn't she so festive (and the cutest baby ever??)

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