Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Little Saint Nick Visit

Earlier this month, Baby K had her very first visit with the Big Guy in Red! I didn't get the package of pictures that included a digital file of it and have yet to scan it, so these pictures will have to do. Hopefully one day I will get it scanned and be sure to post it :) She did great with Santa - there wasn't even one tear! She really just checked him out - that big beard and soft red jacket. I think she was actually quite comfy in his arms. And you will be happy to know that Santa uses the little hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works. Mrs. Claus must buy them for him ;) He used the hand sanitizer before I handed the wee one to him and said, "New policy." I was happy to know Santa is being diligent about not spreading germs! Anyway, here are some pictures from after the visit with Santa. I wonder how long Baby K's wish list is??

She was all smiles after the visit - I wish she had smiled in the actual pic with Santa!

"Mom, I've had enough of this bow!"

I love this progression of pictures...she clearly did not want that bow on her head!

And it ended up on her face, so of course I took it off.

She looks much happier and quite pleased with herself :)

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