Monday, July 27, 2009

First Night In the Crib

Last night was Sweet Pea's maiden voyage in her crib - and I am happy to report that it was a big success! I fed her, changed her diaper and put her in jammies, swaddled her, and she was asleep the minute her head hit the mattress. We had worked over the weekend to get everything ready for this big step - we set up the video monitor (big props to whomever had that bright idea), ordered a small bookcase for next to the crib so we can put the fan and CD player on it, and did some more organizing. We had also been changing her diaper in there for over a week, doing some feedings in her glider, some naps for a few days, and the occasional playtime on the floor in there. Whatever we did, it must have worked - she went to sleep at around 9:30 and only woke up 3 times in the early morning needing the binky. I got up at 3:30 and 4 and woke Brad up for the 4:45 one. I then got up at 6:15 to feed her and she went back to sleep until 9:15. While I definitely miss having her next to me in our room, I am happy she likes her bed and her room - and I can read my book in bed before going to sleep! I can also look at her anytime I want thanks to the video monitor...Brad even figured a way to hook it up to the TV so we can watch her on the big screen before going to sleep!! Pictured below is one of her "crib practices" afternoon nap!

On a different note, Baby K is going to be moving up to size 2 diapers this week. She turns 3 months old and all of a sudden is having all of these transitions!! :) I also have been phasing some of her 0 - 3 month clothes out of her drawers because they are too small. When she stretches out, she fills out her footed jammies all the way. Wonder when the transition to 3 - 6 month clothes will be??

Saturday, July 25, 2009

3 Month Pictures

This past week I had Baby K's 3 month pictures taken by Amanda at Shutterbelle Photography. While she didn't exactly cooperate and show some of those smiles I know and love, she did look awfully cute in the pictures. She actually made some of the funniest faces - and kept sticking her tongue out! Amanda has a blog, and she posted some of her favorites on the post found here. Thanks to Amanda for being so patient - she let Baby K take a nap and eat and have multiple wardrobe changes. I can't wait to see how Baby K grows and changes between now and her 6 month pictures!! The greatest will be getting a panel of her 3, 6, 9, and 12 month pictures to see how she changes. How special :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

12 Weeks = 3 Months!!

Wow...three months..really? I was looking back at the pictures of us in the hospital just after Sweet Pea was born and pictures from that first week home. Wow. She looks so much more "mature" (well as mature as a 3 month old can look, I guess). She is grasping rattles and shaking them and putting them in her mouth. She is smiling. She is sleeping through the nights. Her weight is in the double digits. Size 0 - 3 month clothes are starting to get a little snug. She is pushing up when doing tummy time. She has all of the elements of rolling over...she just needs to coordinate them all to happen at once (which I think will happy literally any day now). She knows mommy's and daddy's voices and lights up when hearing them. She loves sitting in daddy's lap. She likes watching the dog walk around. She loves spending time outdoors (especially when there is a breeze). She loves riding in the Baby Bjorn on our evening walks and has started really looking around at the trees and sky. What was our world like before this little blessing arrived? Definitely not as meaningful. We had fun and could be spontaneous....but I wouldn't change anything. As I sit here and watch this precious little girl play on the floor shaking her arms because she is wearing wrist rattles. While the crying spells are frustrating, especially because most of the time you can tell she is hurting, the times when she wakes up and smiles at you and cuddles with you make everything in the world alright. Her squirming, squeaking, and smiling just make me the happiest mommy ever.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Visit from Amy & Baby Owen

Last Thursday my friend Amy came over and brought her sweet baby boy, Owen. It was great for us to be pregnant at the same time and to talk about symptoms, nursery ideas, registries, baby showers, and all of the emotions involved in thinking about having a baby. We had so much fun catching up and trading stories and talking about how we do things with our babies - it is great to get another perspective for sure! We had planned on laying out while the babies were napping, but of course it was overcast. That ended up working out fine because we just sat around and played with the babies and chatted. While I adore playing with Sweet Pea, I discovered it is even more exciting with a good friend and her baby to join in the fun! Here are a few pictures of our day....

They both loved squirming around on the floor!

We couldn't decide who was putting the moves on who...but they liked holding hands :)

The mommies and our sweet babies

Friday, July 17, 2009

11 Weeks Already!?

Well I'm trying to do better with my weekly updates. Looks like I am getting there! This past Wednesday it had been 11 weeks since Sweet Pea entered the world. Gosh - she has changed so much. She is still sleeping through the night. She has started to grip things and loves it when I put a rattle in her hand. She prefers to play with a rattle in her right hand and hold on to her shirt with her left hand. She has become a lot more alert on our evening walks - she stays awake and just looks around really taking it all in. I think we are going to make the transition to her sleeping in her room soon, so we are aiming to spend more time in there (especially with feeding and changing diapers) so she gets used to it. Can you believe she will be 3 months next week? Eek! I can hardly believe it! I was flipping through her baby book a few nights ago and realized I have some work to do to stay caught up. Well, that's it for now - here are the pictures!

Monday, July 13, 2009

More Pictures From Last Week...

Before going to hang out by the pool at a friend's house

On our way to Loveless Cafe to celebrate Cee Cee's birthday

She is enjoying tummy time more and more...and her neck is getting much stronger, too!

Hanging out with Daddy - she loves laying like that and kicking him (notice that he puts a blanket on his stomach because of the continuous kicking...ha!)

Love this...that smile just makes me melt

She loves napping in my arms

10 Weeks

Last Wednesday, Little Girl was 10 weeks - maybe one day I will actually do the weekly update with pictures on the actual day! Anyways, she is getting much more animated now and the movements are more coordinated. She also has different cries now - the most distinct one is when she is hungry. She sounds kind of like a cat!! More good news - she is still sleeping through the night (which makes me oh so happy). I typically put her down at around 9:45 or 10 and she sleeps until around 6 or 6:30, will eat, and then go back to sleep until 9:30 or 10! I know I am quite lucky...I typically go to bed when she does so that I am rested for the next day's adventures! Now, what you've all been waiting for...the pictures!
Check out the cute polka dot shoes!
Her shirt has the same dots along the neckline and sleeves!

The whole ensemble...too cute! :)

Cute Little BEE-hind

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bumbo Time

I got out the Bumbo chair to let a friend use it for her sweet baby girl until Baby K is old enough to use it. While it was out, I thought I would give it a try and so I sat Baby K in it. She loved it and did an excellent job considering she wasn't even 10 weeks old!! While I did have to help support her head most of the time, when I let her try on her own, she did a fantastic job! And you know are the pictures :)

Our 4th of July Fun

A little late, I know, but I wanted to have pictures from our weekend! We hope everyone had a safe, fun-filled weekend! I know we did! The Fetrows, our friends in NC, came for a long weekend and we had a blast! The days were spent at the pool soaking up the sun (well, in Baby K's case, the shade) and tossing the football, while the evenings were spent eating Mexican or jambalaya or grilling out! The evening of the 4th, the Fishers joined us for the grilling out part and we even did some of our own fireworks! Here are some pictures of the fun weekend!

Baby K dipping the toes in for the first time - should have had the cute sunhat out at this point because it was really bright!

Got sun-smart and put the cute hat on

Family pic on the 4th (don't we look patriotic!)

The Fetrow family

Sweet Pea was worn out after the weekend fun!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

9 Weeks & An Update

Well, today our little girl is 9 weeks old! She is changing and growing everyday it seems! I am actually on the ball this week - posting on the actual day! This morning, we went for a walk (see Baby K all dressed and ready to go for the walk). We also had her 2-month appointment today and MAN has she grown! She now weighs 9 lbs 13 oz and is 22 1/4 inches in length! Her pediatrician said she is "just perfect" and hitting all of the developmental milestones - yay! She also got a round of immunizations today. She did great - she got the oral dose first, and then the nurse started with the 3 shots. Baby K didn't cry during the first one...I think she was more shocked than anything. She soon realized it hurt and began crying until I picked her up after the last shot. After I gave her the binky, she was just fine! What a trooper :) Needless to say, we are so glad and thankful we have a healthy baby girl!! Here she is this week (excuse the lighting in some of the pictures from the doctor's office)...

"Mom, I'm ready to go!!"

Just as content and happy as can be!
Playing in her papasan chair at 9 weeks I sat her up in front of the mirror at the pediatrician's office and she loved it - she would copy the faces I made (as seen above with the surprised face)

Giving little girl some kisses before it was time for shots