Tuesday, March 2, 2010

10 Months Already!

Well, it is official - we have a 10 month old baby girl. Since it is not Leap Year, we did not have a February 29 to mark her official "10 month birthday". So since it is March 2, I feel safe to say 10 months now. She is continuing to learn, grow, and explore. She has perfected her crawling technique - she now gets up on all fours and takes off! Her noises make me smile (yes, even the crying...most of the time). Her facial expressions make me laugh. I love her so much. She is the most perfect, kissable spot on her face that I kiss every night before she goes to sleep - between her eyes on the bridge of her nose. Cutie Pie has not met a food she doesn't like. She would eat all day if someone would continue feeding her or putting items on her tray to pick up. She continues to look around and take it all in. She is nosy. She always wants to know what other people are talking about. Wonder where she gets that from??? :) Here is where Baby K stands now:

Diapers: Size 3
Clothes: Just moved into 12 month size (yay for a new wardrobe!)
Food: As I mentioned previously, she loves eating! The three meals a day are treating her well - she recently tried pimiento cheese, refried beans, Mexican rice, pound cake, twice baked potato, cottage cheese....she loves it all! She is still doing 4 bottles a day of anywhere from 5 - 7 ounces each.
Talking: She sounds like she is really trying to have a conversation sometimes. She sometimes talks with her hands too! One exciting item - she says "Momma" now!! She also says "dah" which I swear is her way of saying "dog". She also says "buh" which means "book". She says both of those words at just the right time! She also says the "ra" sound a lot these days. I have noticed when I work with her to say a sound, she really tries to mimic my word. So fun!
Crawling: Just the past week or so, Baby K has perfect the crawl and is quite mobile now! She knows she can get around. Sometimes, mid-crawl, she will stop and look back like "WOW! I crawled a long way!" I love that.
Pulling Up: She is doing it - she will pull herself up on me all the way to standing. She tries to pull herself up on the ottoman or the coffee table and is a little hesitant still. She knows I won't let her hurt herself but is a little weary of other objects (which I am a-okay with!).
Walking: When in the walker, she backs up like a pro - almost like running backwards. When it comes to going forward, she sometimes jumps (using both feet) and other times alternates feet. If you hold her hand (or she holds your finger) she will take about 10 steps and stop for a little while. She is going to be up and at 'em before we know it!
Sleeping: Still sleeping like a champ - about 12 hours a night. Mommy likes this...a lot. :)
Teeth: Those 2 teeth on the bottom are SHARP! And on the bottom left (next to the bottom left tooth) another has cut through - so she has three teeth!
Other: My favorite these days is that she will say "bye bye" and wave. Usually she waves at herself when she says it. And her voice is so delicate and dainty when she says it!! Also, in the car, we will have yelling contests :) She will squeal or yell and I will do it back - we go back and forth for probably 2 minutes that way. Also, she is almost too big for her carrier! Looks like the transition to the big girl carseat will be soon!

I will be posting some pictures soon - I just uploaded 400 pictures that I took in February, so looks like a "February Update" post will soon follow!

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  1. I love to kiss Chloe Jo on that same spot!