Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Playing at Cee Cee's House

A few weeks ago, we went and hung out at Cee Cee's house for a morning. I am so glad that K wore her Elmo shirt - it barely fit her!! I'd definitely say that shirt ran a bit small - it fit her like spandex! But isn't it oh so cute?? She loved the fact that everytime she looked down, she saw her favorite, furry friend (other than Sadie of course). Here are a few pictures of the day...she is quite active now - no more laying there with one toy and being content!

I absolutely love this picture. It shows her happy disposition.

This expression cracks me up! It's as if she is saying "OK, Mom, ENOUGH pictures!"

Going to discover what's in this room over here

The latest "Cheerio face" - and she found the fridge!

Action shot - she is always on the move these days!

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