Sunday, March 28, 2010

Heart Smiles

What a great day - we got up this morning and went to church. This is actually quite the accomplishment - the last time we were in church was for Katie's dedication in early November. I know it is awful that we have not gone, but I just hate waking her up (and she typically sleeps in on the weekends). If we go to late service, it gets in the way of her morning nap. Also, Brad is studying for the CPA right now and he typically does it late at night (which means he also likes to sleep in on the weekends, if possible). I know those may just seem like excuses, but at least we are trying to do better.

Anyway, this morning, we got up and went to church at 9:30. Our church has started a "South Campus" which is approximately 6 or 7 minutes from our house. This works out wonderfully because we can get back home for Katie's morning nap at 11! This morning was actually the first service in the new space - how cool that we got to be a part of that! We kept Katie in the service with us (we had decided that we wouldn't put her in a nursery at church, the gym, etc until she is one) and she did great! One hour is definitely her limit, but she did wonderfully. And what an amazing, special feeling to be sitting there as a family in church. Kind of surreal. When we stood to sing the hymns, I held Katie. Anytime the songs were slightly fast, she would dance in my arms. Oh how I have thought about the day I would have my family in church - kids and all. And she loved the music (my favorite part as well)! I had to just take a few moments and thank God for that time.

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