Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Swinging in the Springtime Sun

Now how's that for some alliteration! I am so excited to be able to play with Katie OUTSIDE!! She loves being outside (and an added bonus is that she sleeps even better after having some fresh air!) and it gets us out of the house. Recently, we met our friends at the park and got to play some. Katie played on a see-saw kind of thing and loved it. She got to sit in the mulch and play with it...which really meant that she tried to eat it to figure it out :) And she also got to swing in a "big girl swing" for the first you can see, she absolutely loved it. Every time she would swing up towards me, she squealed and giggled with delight. I love seeing her so happy! And I can't wait to be outdoors more over the next few months!

Katie, me, & Kara...Kara and I have been the bestest of friends for almost TWENTY!!

"Mom, what IS this stuff??"

Had to post this one even though Katie doesn't look too thrilled in it...I still like it!

LOVE this one!! A look of pure joy...

And I love how her hair is flying in the wind in this one...

You can see her 2 little teeth on the bottom! There is another one working its way in on the bottom, and another about to cut through..on the bottom! That means she will have 4 teeth on the bottom and none on the top!

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  1. Chloe Jo loves the swings, too!

    She also has those same shoes that Katie is wearing.