Wednesday, April 14, 2010

11 Months (A Little Late)

Well, at this point, it is really more like "11.5 Months"...better late than never, right?? I can hardly believe my teeny tiny baby girl is about to be ONE! I was just looking at pictures from Easter this year (a future post, don't worry) and then compared to me on Easter last year...WOW! I was enormous! After all, I did have a human being taking up residence in my belly! Every day is an adventure for Katie and I love being able to watch her grow and learn. She is so entertaining and precious. She has the best disposition - even when she gets made, her expressions and noises make me laugh. What a blessing she is to our whole family! Here are this month's stats...

Diaper size: We switched to Size 4 just a day or so after she was officially 11 months.
Clothes: She is very solidly in 12 months clothes and actually may begin the transition into 18 month clothes! Items from Old Navy or Gap tend to run smaller (at least they do to me), so she is already in 12-18 month clothes from those stores.
Food: She is eating 3 solid meals a day with an occasional snack. About a week into being 11 months old, we started the transition to milk. At this point, when she has a bottle, it is about 30% formula, 70% milk. Which brings me to yet another transition - the sippy cup. I introduced it to her at around 6 months so she could get comfortable with it and know that she can drink out of it. Just over the last few days have I noticed her actually drinking out of it whenever it is at her mouth. She is still getting the hang of the fact that you have to "turn it up" to get the liquid to come to the spout, but she will get it!
Talking: She is making more and more noise, for sure! I am not sure there are any new words in her vocabulary though she is starting to copy what we say. When we read books and point at different objects, she is beginning to mimic.
Crawling: She's a pro.
Pulling Up: Also a pro at this.
Walking: She will walk very quickly as long as she's holding on to our fingers. She cruises around very quickly too! She is wanting to walk because she will get up behind her little toy and try to go everywhere. She runs when she's in her walker. Actually, she took her FIRST STEP on Monday. It was just one, but you have to start somewhere! I think she will just take off anyday now!
Sleeping: Sleeps like a champ! I love that she entertains herself in the mornings - she will sit and play with her sleepsack or lovey until we come in there!
Teeth: She still has just those 2 teeth on the bottom with one cutting through. Another bottom one feels like it should cut through anyday now, and my Mom said that it feels like a top one is about to cut through! I love that you can see her bottom teeth in pictures now!
Other: She has figured out how to open drawers and cabinets (we already babyproofed the dangerous ones!) and loves to explore. She can now reach the doorknobs but hasn't figured out how to actually open then (thank goodness!). She loves books - whenever she's on the floor, she crawls over to the basket of her toys we have out and grabs all the books out and looks at you like, "Come on and read them to me!". When I get her out of the crib each morning, she is so excited. She slaps me (not too hard - more like a love pat) and jumps in my arms like she missed me through the night. She loves her daddy and lights up when he gets home from work! She loves to go outside and throw frisbee with Sadie. She gets so excited when Sadie runs back with the frisbee.

Here are some pictures of our sweet baby girl...

There are those teeth!

I love how her eyes twinkle when she smiles

"Mommy, stop taking pictures and get me outta here!"

She LOVES to swing - and I love that she will do it for hours if we'd let her!

Walking around with Daddy at a birthday party - she's so big!

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