Thursday, April 1, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I do realize I have been slacking to some degree when it comes to posting on here. Oddly enough, I have the posts in my head but don't have the time to sit down and actually make them public! I have been working a lot - this annual conference that I plan is coming up two weeks from tomorrow! I've also been trying to spend as much time outside as possible - the weather this week has been just fabulous. I am loving the sunshine and warmer temps!! Unfortunately, I think Katie has some allergies...her nose is runny, she's been sneezing, and her eyes have been watering. Hopefully she outgrows that! As I try to catch up on my posts, be looking for an 11 month old post (yes, I is that even possible?!) and a few others....

As I mentioned in a previous post, Katie discovered Sadie's food and water bowls. I of course wanted to document this through photos (while making sure she was safe, of course), so here is the play by play....
"Oh wow! I've not noticed this before!"

"Look how's just my height!"

"And there are even some neat treats in this bowl for me to test out!"

"I wonder what these feel like!" (and yes, she did pick one up and began to bring it to her mouth...there is no picture of that because I was scooping her up and grabbing that piece of dog food! I'm not as concerned with her eating it as I am with her choking on it!)
And here are some other pictures from mid-March (wow, I really am behind!). Hope you enjoy - and be sure to check back soon for more fun posts and pictures!
Is that not the sweetest picture? She loves sleeping with her 'lovey'...she isn't particular to any of them yet...I'm sure that will change soon!

I am oh-so-thrilled that she will sit in what Brad calls her "baby cage" and play with all of her toys! Since we use it as toy storage also, there is no way she could get bored in there!

Yes, she figured out how to pull up in the crib - now, when I go in to get her up from naptime, she is standing to greet me. She has been having issues with taking naps, and I am wondering if it has to do with the fact that she'd rather stand and play (and throw her binky on the floor and then get mad because she doesn't have it)!

So happy and sweet...playing with Cee Cee

Doesn't she look so grown up here?! Where has my teeny tiny baby gone?!

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