Monday, April 19, 2010

Katie's First Easter

As you can see in my previous post, this Easter was much different than last year! Last year, I was huge, uncomfortable, and my wedding rings stopped fitting on Easter Sunday. This year, we have quite a blessing. I love seeing Katie's mind work as she experiences new things. Watching her in church, with family, and even opening her Easter basket was all so much fun. We didn't get around to dying Easter eggs or doing a little Easter egg hunt, but we definitely will next year. Here are a few pictures from our busy Easter!!

My favorite picture in quite some time - the family on Easter morning before church

Katie before bed - had to show off her Easter jammies!

The Easter Bunny came! The Bunny even brought some fun things for Sadie, Mommy, & Daddy!

Before getting out of bed on Easter morning

"WOW!! All of this is for ME?!"

Starting to dig into the goodies

Sadie was thrilled that the Easter Bunny even brought her a bone!

After taking everything out of the Easter basket...

Mommy & Baby Girl on Easter morning...

Playing with the bubble wand

Mommy & Katie before church

Daddy showing Katie the flowers on the tree

Sadie & Katie

Katie's Easter dress

Meme with the Easter Bunny at Easter Brunch

Katie wasn't too sure about that Easter Bunny

Katie loving on her Dolly that Grandma got her for Easter! She loves her dolly - her first of many, I am sure!

Katie checking out her Easter basket from Cee Cee

Cee Cee, Uncle Will, Mommy, & Katie

We got a picture with Brad in there too! Katie was quite squirmy by that point...

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