Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday Party & Practice Run

The Saturday of Easter weekend we got together to celebrate a first birthday! Some of our friends have a little girl that was born about a month before Katie, so we helped celebrate her first! It was a great day (we got there at around 1 and didn't leave until almost 8!) of fun. The weather was perfect, the decorations were great, and it was great to get to visit with everyone! It was also nice to go to a first birthday party so I could get some ideas :)

While we were there, Katie got to have a practice run on diving into some cake. We let her have a cupcake to see what she would do with it. Needless to say, as you will see in the pictures, she LOVED it. That makes me so excited for her birthday to see how messy she will get!

Me & my girl

Daddy and his girl

I think I put this on a previous post, but I love it!

We don't have nearly as many pictures together as we did pre-baby

The girls diving into their cupcakes

She loved it!

The Birthday Girl!

Shoving some cupcake in her mouth

She ate the whole thing!

Brad and Chris have been buds since high school!

Like father, like daughter...

Me & Hollie

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