Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mixed Emotions I type this, I should really be in bed. You see, I am getting up at the crack of dawn - well, really BEFORE the crack of dawn. I am SO excited ... I am going to Florida to help one of my college roommates celebrate her wedding day! The only downside - I am leaving Brad and Sweet Pea at home. That's turned into a Girl's Trip! Our other roommate and I are leaving on a plane at 8:15 and will land in The Sunshine State just before lunchtime - no baby (just mine - she doesn't have kids yet). While I am really looking forward to all of the festivities, I know I will miss my little girl more than words can begin to say. I will only be gone for about 76 hours...and I will be having fun (bachelorette party, yoga on the beach, nails, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, getting ready for the wedding, the wedding itself, and the reception). And this way, we save some money, too. And the headache of packing up half the house to travel with a baby. And I get to have fun with my girls. And Brad gets some Daddy-Daughter time :)

And a final note...Katie, please do not take your first steps until Mommy gets home. Thank you. :)

Stay tuned for more posts, including the 11 month post, Easter, and other fun times upon my return!

Now, I think it is bedtime - my alarm will be going off in less than 7 hours. Bring on the sun!

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