Friday, September 17, 2010

Funny Faces, Sweet Smiles, & Other Fun Pictures

So - good news!! I am SO close to being caught up in my updating! I have done all the posts from the pictures I have uploaded, but have no fear! There are a lot of pictures on my camera that I need to load and post about :) These are just some random pictures of Katie and Sadie.

That bow lasted all of about 2 minutes...

I wonder if she inherited my "bag lady" gene - when I was little, I put everything in bags!

One of the best deals yet at a consignment sale - $1 .... and she LOVES it! It is also great because it makes a musical noise - helps me keep up with her :)

She loves to clean with a wipe or paper towel after she eats!

Goofy lady!

Cutie Sadie!

LOVE this - such a happy baby girl!

Katie LOVES playing with our shoes - especially flipflops! AND she has to have both of them...maybe it balances her out :)

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